Friday, August 29, 2014

End Of The Week Smile

So here we are at the end of another week, and the beginning of a long weekend. Isn’t that great? I certainly think so. And as far as I'm concerned, every weekend should be a long weekend.

I will end this week’s blog posts with a song that makes me smile. I hope it does the same for you.

You all make me smile, too. Aw shucks, right?

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Kick back, relax and enjoy...


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Montreal Memories: Delightful Diversity

“Embracing diversity is one adventure after another, opening new paths of discovery that connect an
understanding to caring, listening, and sharing with others who are different than ourselves.”
- April Holland -

I was born and raised in my hometown of Montreal, and spent 44 years of my life there, and although I enjoyed living in a big city in my youth, I grew tired of the congestion, the nerve-racking traffic, the flood of tall buildings, the crowds, the noise, the impatient (and oftentimes rude) people and the frantic pace as I grew older. My husband felt the same, and in 2009 we packed up and moved to Kingston, a much smaller area with a fraction of the population. And we love it here.

The neighbourhood I grew up in is one of Canada's most ethnically diverse neighbourhoods,
representing many continents of the world. It is visually interesting, and full of character.

But even though I’d never opt to live in the big city of Montreal again, I do love visiting it for the same reason I enjoy visiting other big cities near us: the multiculturalism. As Canada’s second largest city, my hometown is ethnically diverse. And when I’m immersed in its cultural mosaic, it is exhilarating. From a photographer’s perspective, a culturally diverse population is more visually interesting, and from a personal perspective, it is enlightening. I feel more connected to the world when I mingle with a wide array of people with differing beliefs, mother tongues, histories, traditions and ancestries.

Spending time downtown is a great way to get a feel for the city's diverse population.

Aside from being near my family, this mix of people is the only thing I miss about living in a big city. And one of the reasons we visit Montreal, and the other cities nearby by, from time to time. To get our multicultural fix.

Do you live, or have you ever lived, in a diverse area?


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Where Canadian Zombies Hang Out

So yesterday evening, my daughter asked if we could all walk over to the Tim Hortons near our home and have a coffee. It’s not very often the teen wants to hang out with us old fogies, so we happily agreed. But when we got there, the store was closed, even though the employees were inside. There was a sign up stating that they were doing some maintenance, and would be temporarily closed from 6 – 9 PM. It was 8:40. So we decided to walk around and waste some time until they reopened. We found a picnic table at a business nearby and sat down. And that’s when I noticed other people peeking in the store’s window. Walking away disappointed. But not leaving. They were hanging around like us. Waiting. Watching. Lurking.

Like Zombies.

For those of you who don’t know, Tim Hortons is a huge business in Canada. HUGE. It is our largest fast food service with stores everywhere.


We are addicted to the coffee it offers. And the occasional contests.

Canadians flock there. On foot. In cars. On horseback...

It is a cultural icon. And when the zombie apocalypse happens, well...

Tim Hortons even ends up in news headlines...

Read story here.

And it's the first stop of every trip...

Yeah, us Canucks really love this place. And we were glad when it finally opened last night so we could get our Timmies fix.

Aside from my Canadian friends, do you know of this place?


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Question Of The Day

What three qualities in a person really appeal to you?

Well, I could easily make a top ten twenty list, and it’s a little difficult to narrow it down, but here goes...

1) Sense of humour
I could not imagine life without humour, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s not an apple a day that keeps the doctor away, but a laugh or two. That being said, I really like people who have a healthy sense of humour. And I like them even more if they can laugh at themselves.

2) Empathy
While sympathy is the ability to feel for someone else, empathy is the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and truly understand what they are going through. You don’t feel for the person, you feel with them. I admire this trait immensely because I truly believe that if this quality is present, other good qualities like compassion, kindness, integrity, thoughtfulness, understanding, gentleness, consideration, tolerance, patience, conscientiousness, honesty, and many more, are just around the corner.

3) Unpretentiousness
No arrogance, smugness, egotism, pompousness, snootiness or pretentiousness for this girl. If you’re going to brag about your car, house, career, bank account or how great you are, find someone else to do it with. I prefer the company of individuals who are genuine, easy-going and down-to-earth.

What three qualities appeal to you?


Monday, August 25, 2014

Chuckles and Chortles

Happy Monday, bloggy pals. How was the weekend? Good, I hope. Ours was really nice, and we spent most of it on our bikes. Saturday evening we cycled for a few hours around our city, got a lot of exercise and took plenty of pictures. Even selfies. Ever since I discovered that one of my cameras takes self-portraits, we’ve been snapping photos of ourselves wherever we go, most of which are silly. Because it’s impossible for two goofballs to be serious for long. We’d self combust.

Here’s one of our wacky moments:

We refuse to grow up. Refuse!

And yesterday we felt like a road trip, so we threw our bikes and ourselves in the car and headed over to Peterborough; a lovely small city about the size of Kingston that is less than two hours away. We spent the entire day there riding around, exploring and photographing. It was loads of fun, and the weather was 'fantabulous'!

This photo was taken as the sun began to set while standing on the train bridge that runs across the Otonabee River.

And today, it’s back to the routine. But first, let’s laugh a little...

Have a wonderful week ahead!



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