Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Question Of The Day

How do you cut your sandwich?

More often than not I choose method 'B'. Because many people choose 'A'. And I like to be a nonconformist. First world style rebellion. *snort*

How do you cut your sandwich?


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Bikes and Sights: Around The Neighbourhood

“Ride as much or as little, or as long or as short as you feel. But ride.”
- Eddy Merckx -

There are so many things you don’t notice around your neighbourhood when you’re in a car. But when you are walking or cycling, a whole new world opens up. And because bikes cover much more ground, that world is even bigger.

Here are a few shots of things we noticed while riding close to home...

Crossing the train tracks. The pole in the image looks like it's going to collapse.

This path runs right through a residential area. There are many of these throughout Kingston.

There were so many beautiful flowers in this area.

It's amazing what Mother Nature has gifted us, isn't it?

After over five years of living here, I still can't get over how much green space is all over the city.

This is far from being Disney World. Can anyone guess what it is?

A lone tree in an open field.

We have so many of these gorgeous green areas near home.

This is one of my favourite views.

As the sun began to set, we rode through Lake Ontario Park; one of our favourite places.

And we made friends along the way. 

The view is always beautiful by Lake Ontario.

Our last stop? An ice cream cone at McDonald's. The best way to end a wonderful day.

Thanks for coming along for the ride. Have a great day, everyone.


Monday, November 24, 2014

Chuckles and Chortles

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was lazy. I’m reading ‘Gone Girl’ by Gillian Flynn, a new favourite writer, and I’m hooked on it. It’s a whodunit and a how was it done type of mystery. And I know that ‘Gone Girl’ has been made into a movie, but I haven’t seen it yet, so don’t spill the beans on the story if you've seen the film or read the book. So far I have a few theories, which will probably all prove to be wrong. The same way they all proved to be wrong with her other book I read ‘Dark Places’. I was stunned by the ending on that one (never in a million years would I have thought of that as a possibility), and I hope to be just as surprised by this book. So if you enjoy reading, give this writer a try. She is good. Very good.

Shall we get to the funny stuff? Yes, let’s do just that...

Have a beautiful day, everyone!


Friday, November 21, 2014

First World Pet Problem

"Dogs come when they're called; cats take a message and get back to you later. "
- Mary Bly- 

This is our cat, Nacho. We sometimes refer to her as Nacho Cheese, The Cheese, or just Cheese. She responds to all the names.

She’s slightly neurotic. Is terrified of the vacuum. And takes a dump outside the litter box when you've taken too long to clean it out. To demonstrate her disapproval. And show you who's boss.

She spends about 90 percent of her day doing this:

And the rest of the time complaining about this:

She literally nags me to death if there is a hole in the bowl. Because a hole means no food. Which means starvation.

Even our pets have first world problems, don't they?

Below is a funny video to end the week with. It describes my cats completely. For those who haven’t seen it, do so. For those who have, it’s worth another look.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! And try not to complain about little things, okay?


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hometown Memories: Flowers On My Ass

Within the first month of my first year in high school, I realized that I had to make some changes thanks to a couple of crass girls that happened to be walking behind me one day on my way home from school. They were loud and obnoxious and making snide remarks about some of the kids walking along with us. Eventually they noticed me and made some nasty comments about the jeans I was wearing.
No more flowers on my ass after that incident,
but the cheesy home perms endured for many years!

They weren't bad-looking jeans, but they did have cutesy flowers on the back pockets, literally on my butt. And that’s what those girls poked fun at: the 'stupid' flowers on my ass. I’d never really thought of it that way but there it was. I had flowers on my ass.

I ignored them and they repeated the insults a little louder. Harsher. I still didn't answer. Eventually they got bored and moved onto someone else. I sighed with relief. The school was full of bad seeds and the last thing you wanted was to be the victim of bullies. Thankfully it was my one and only such experience.

I did get rid of those jeans after I got home that day, and never wore anything like that again. No more noticeable or whimsical designs. No more flowers on this ass.

Looking back now I laugh at the absurdity of it all. But it wasn't very funny at the time.

Have you ever had an experience with bullies?



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