Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Today's Trivia - Heart-Shaped Candy Boxes

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. I hope you get to eat a lot of chocolate today.

Speaking of chocolate, here’s a tidbit of information for you:

Richard Cadbury, the second son of the Quaker John Cadbury (founder of Cadbury's cocoa and chocolate company) is credited for creating the first known heart-shaped candy box for Valentine’s in 1891.

Richard Cadbury was a very talented amateur artist who put his creativity to excellent use at the company. He produced a huge range of fancy boxes of chocolates from 1868 to the end of the 19th century, and often used his own children as models for creating the covers for the box tops. His first chocolate box was decorated with a painting of his young daughter, Jessica, holding a kitten.

The chocolate boxes, some made of velvet or silk, were meant to be treasured, and they were made to last. They came in the shape of horseshoes, hearts, crescents or shields. The Victorians and Edwardians loved these elaborate containers, and once the chocolates were finished, the boxes were used as jewel or glove boxes, or for handkerchiefs to be kept in. There were even workboxes and cabinets with eight miniature drawers for love letters.

This passion for elaborate chocolate boxes lasted into the 20th century, right up until World War II.



  1. Dear Martha,
    I can't thank you enough for giving me this information! For years, we have saved our Cadbury's tins from England, and we use ours for baked goods. Cadbury's is the best. (You may keep Godiva).

    1. I had no idea about this information, and I think it's so neat. I love pretty boxes, especially when they're made to last.

  2. Dear Martha,
    I forgot to say, "Happy Valentine's Day".

  3. Very interesting! I remember growing up how all the women in my family kept their fancy chocolate boxes for years, using them to store letters and cards and other 'trasures' - some of the boxes were quite pretty. Have a great Valentine's Day :)

    1. I love pretty boxes, too. I never thought to keep old candy boxes...darn...

  4. Yes, I remember when a heart-shaped valentines chocolate box was a rare treasure too. Nobody in my family had one tucked away though. They were much too expensive for the likes of us!

    1. Same for us! It's too bad they don't make 'em like they used to. Maybe now I'd be able to get one.

  5. The best thing about Cadbury Canada is that they use Fair trade chocolate! LONG LIVE cADBURY'S!


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