Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Beaucarnea Recurvata – Ponytail Palm

This slow-growing, long-lived, attractive and intriguing specimen is an excellent choice for indoor gardeners in search of low maintenance houseplants. There’s no need for an experienced green thumb with the Ponytail Palm that thrives on neglect and requires very minimal care.


Truly an oddity with its large swollen base and long, grass-like leaves that cascade from the top like a ‘ponytail’, this native to Mexican deserts requires as much light as possible to grow happily – from very bright, filtered light to full sun. The Ponytail Palm can easily get through extended periods of drought with its thick trunk that stores water. With that in mind, pot it up in a loose, fast-draining medium, be extra vigilant with the watering can and allow it to dry well between each watering session. Humidity is not critical and average home temperatures are fine. To completely eliminate all water woes, switch this excellent candidate to hydroculture.

If the two most important requirements – light and water - are met accordingly, your Ponytail Palm will add a unique touch to your home for many years.

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