Friday, June 26, 2009

Impatiens Can Be Grown Indoors And Out

Just like the glorious morning glory, Impatiens have always taken up some space in my garden. I’d grow them in containers, enjoy the abundant blooms throughout the summer and then toss them in the trash in the fall when the gardening season (which, sadly, is very short in Canada) would come to an end.

But what I didn’t know for years is that these lovely plants don’t need to be tossed. They can continue to be grown indoors (or they can be grown exclusively indoors) because they make excellent houseplants.

(My Photo – Taken At Montreal Botanical Gardens)

Here’s how to care for them inside your home:

Place your Impatiens in bright, indirect light and protect them from the sizzling rays of midday sun. In the winter when light levels are poor, let them bask in the sun or provide additional lighting through artificial means. Grow them in soil that drains well and keep it evenly moist. Never allow the compost to get bone-dry, which can cause premature bud drop. Keep humidity levels above average; dry air will invite spider mite attacks. To avoid lankiness, and to keep plants compact, pinch back the stems when needed. Take stem cuttings any time to create new plants.

That’s it.

It’s no wonder these pretty little bloomers are so popular. There are a variety of flower colours to choose from. They are easy to grow. They bloom nonstop. And they can be grown indoors and out.

What more can you ask for?

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