Monday, June 29, 2009

Moving Day Is Finally Here

The moving truck is arriving at 7:00 AM to load up our stuff in Montreal and dump it in our new home in Kingston. We’re all very excited about our new place, and looking forward to exploring our new city. Since we’ve had possession of our house since the beginning of April, settling in should go fairly quickly (I hope). Every weekend for the past few weeks has been spent in Kingston, and during that time, we’ve managed to get a lot of things done, which will help our move go much smoother. The painting is finished, the carpets are washed, the floors are mopped, the bathrooms are scrubbed and stocked, the kitchen is fully equipped with appliances, dishware and cutlery, most of our clothing is already there, and some small pieces of furniture have been moved over. It should be easy to settle in, but we’ll see.

(A Lilium longiflorum (something I plan to grow in my garden) getting ready to bloom)

I hope to have my computer and internet up and running by the end of the week; I’d like to get back on track with my Water Roots website and this blog. This message is prescheduled like so many others before and after it; that’s why you’re finding new posts even though I’m not online. Ain’t technology just dandy? (Until your computer gets a virus)

In any case, I’ll be back online sooner or later. Hopefully sooner.


  1. Well doesn't that just sounds like the perfect move! Waay nicer than the last second throw it together moves we normally get. Enjoy your new place - sure looks nice!

  2. You're right Tatiana, it is a lot better than the last minute type of move. And it did go very smoothly. We haven't been here for a full four days yet and I've opened all the boxes and put everything in place!


    Thanks for your good wishes Crafty Gardener! The move went smoothly and we’re happily settled in!