Thursday, June 11, 2009

Saintpaulia Ionantha – African Violet

With no specific flowering season, these cuties bloom readily all year-round. Their popularity is also due largely to the fact that they thrive easily indoors. They not only appreciate the warmth of your heated house, they also handle the dry air rather well.


Brightness is one of the primary ingredients for successful flowering so let there be light; the morning sun from eastern exposure is ideal. Another popular spot is a bright, unobstructed northern windowsill. Over-watering is the fastest way to kill an African violet so be careful; keep the soil moist but never soggy. Convert them to hydroculture if you’d like; they are perfect candidates for this alternative growing style.


Average household temperatures that keep you comfortable will keep your plants comfortable as well. Dry air is tolerated but higher humidity is preferred; increase it if it's too low. Fertilizers are an important source of food for African Violets; feed your plants regularly if they are actively growing and visibly healthy.

Attractive, versatile, several flower colours to choose from and perfect for beginners – how can you not adore these renowned beauties? There are African violets growing happily in cozy windowsills around the globe. Why not on one of yours?


  1. Yes .. that was me .. a DUH ? moment.
    I was trying to figure out if this is an auto publish or not .. Do you have African violets ???? I love them .. I haven't killed the ones I have yet .. I can see a trade off coming up here .. day lilies are my holdings right now ? haha
    I'm so glad everything is working out with the painting and carpet cleaning .. it is always a bit of a gamble in Kingston .. you will understand in a few years (haha) ..
    It has been overcast and humid .. we are supposed to have rain .. but not so far.
    Hope you have GOOD sunglasses for that shiny bright house of yours ! .. and YES ! all the critters will be VERY happy to see you come HOME : )

  2. Ha ha...silly! Yup, the comments publish immediately. I’m going to keep it this way until (and if) I start getting spam and bad remarks. Then I might reconsider my choice.

    Okay, so all joking aside with the fudge thing, I know exactly what I’m going to do for you. African Violets are out until I get settled because I gave them away. Sniff… I actually got rid of a lot of plants because of the move. I really didn’t want to have to move so many. But once I’m settled there, I can rebuild my collection. Most of the plants I have are not pricey, so they can be replaced.

    But… In your case, there is something that I can give you that you don’t have: Hydroculture plants! You will love it. I will plant up whatever houseplant you’ve always wanted to grow successfully indoors in a pretty glass container (lord knows I have enough of them) and introduce you to a whole new way of growing houseplants.

    Oh, I can’t wait. Darn, I can’t get there fast enough to start all the things I want to do!

    Must. Have. Patience.

  3. Hey you gave so much useful information about growing the African really looks beautiful.I also like the stories.I look forward 2 grow the flowers in the large quantity as it is easy 2

  4. Hi Beth, these little plants are beautiful. And they really are easy to grow. Enjoy!