Tuesday, June 9, 2009


This is the extent of my garden.

A sad-looking area.

According to one of our neighbours, the people that we bought our soon-to-be home from didn’t do anything around the house. Like repairs. Or renovations. And no one ever saw them. And they never cared for the garden. Ever. Ya think? To the point, apparently, that the grass was never cut and perhaps that explains why the children never played outside. Because they were very young and could get lost in the overgrown grass. Or they could be frightened or hurt by things that would live in the overgrown grass. Like (garter) snakes. Or raccoons. Or big ants. Or, you know, the menacing chipmunks.

Now I don’t know about you but I’m a little more alarmed by the fact that I seem to have a nosy neighbour than by parents that (maybe) didn’t allow their children to play outdoors. I suppose my garden will be up for scrutiny as soon as the family and I are moved into our new home at the end of the month. Since we’re only there on weekends until that time, we’re probably being given a little leeway for our neglecting-the-garden misdemeanors.


Since I won’t be living there on a full-time basis until we near July, I’m unable to properly tackle the outdoor vegetation and make some noticeable changes. In addition to that sad-looking section in back of the house, there is the front of the house, the sides, underneath the kitchen window and a few other spaces that need overhauls.

I’ll get to all of them eventually. For now I’ll have to live with the sad-looking garden, and remind myself that next spring things will be different.



  1. A new garden...how exciting! It has potential and will be beautiful in no time at all. Then you can post updates on your blog.

  2. I like you already red studio. You are indeed a 'glass is half full' person. Yup, you're right; my sad-looking garden certainly has potential. I'm looking forward to what it will eventually become.

  3. Oh that is so exciting! It looks like you have potentially a very nice space to work with! And the grass looks nice and healthy! At the very least, you have a space to relax in, if not to do any gardening in, this year.
    Sounds like you may have some interesting neighbors on your hands as well...
    Good luck to you with your new home!

  4. Hey Jesska, it really is a nice space to work with. And although there isn't much gardening now, I'll get to it at some point. Truth be told, I'm glad in a way that I won't get much of a chance to work on it this year. I'm much too tired with this move, and relaxing in the backyard sounds damn good! :)

    The neighbours are not as bad as I make them sound. A little observant, but nothing I won't be able to handle. If need be, I’ll put up an electric fence and zap them if they get too close...har har har… Just kidding, of course! (Maybe)

    Thanks for your kind words. I'm looking forward to getting out of apartment-style living and into a house. Finally.