Friday, June 12, 2009

A Slight Taste Of Country

Although our (soon-to-be-living-in) home that we just bought is right smack in the middle of the city of Kingston, Ontario, it offers a slight taste (very slight) of country. Okay, not exactly full-blown country, considering one of the major malls is walking distance from us, but hey, a little country is better than no country. Our house backs onto open green space that also includes the ‘Little Cataraqui Creek’ that runs through it.

This is the view from my kitchen window:

With a countryish view right outside our (city) kitchen window, we get to enjoy some beautiful aspects of nature without giving up any of our city comforts. Like the mocha with whipped cream and the Canadian Maple donut at the Tim Hortons located five minutes (by foot) from our house. Iced cappuccino during the summer, of course.

Cool, huh?

Damn cool.

I know. I’m spoiled. I can’t live without the conveniences that urban areas have to offer. There’s just too much city in this girl.


  1. Mmmm! What a great view! I bet you spend a lot of time in your kitchen. I know I would if I had a view like that ... sigh! (and I would kill for an iced cappucino right now!)

  2. Hi Sunita, it's funny but the kitchen is the only place the entire family hangs out. There are other parts of the house, but no one is taking an interest in them; we all end up in the kitchen, huddled in front of the window, hoping to catch a glimpse of some critters – birds, chipmunks, rabbits... This is new for us (we've been living in a much bigger city until now with not much (nature) to look at outside our window) so I guess we're a little excited about it.

  3. Nice view! I've been to Kingston once, many years ago...I remember the downtown as fun. There was an art show in a park that day, as I recall...

  4. That's just a gorgeous pastoral scene! I'm envious - we too live on the edge of town, but there ain't nothing but prairie there. Just wide flat expanses with bales of hay on 'em. Nothing green, rolling or bucolic. Enjoy!

  5. That is a gret view, with lots of borrowed scenery for your garden. You have such a lot of garden to play with. Enjoy your new house and garden.

  6. Love the pics and it's a great blog.

  7. Hi Islandgardener,

    Thanks! Kingston is a beautiful city; small but fully-loaded with all the city conveniences. We love it!


    Hey Tatiana,

    We really got lucky with this house. It’s the only one we saw (when we were searching for homes) that had something like this to offer. We won’t be officially living there until the end of this month, but we’re there every weekend. Can’t wait to finally get his move over with! Thanks for stopping by!


    Hi there Northern Shade,

    Thanks for your nice comments! We are in love with the borrowed scenery; it not only provides us with a beautiful view but lots of interesting critters as well! I plan to take oodles of photos to share on this blog!


    Hi Charlotte,

    Thank you! There’ll be more and more pictures, especially when we’re finally moved into this new house. I’m new to this blogging thing, but so far so good!

  8. Holy Moses ... I just saw this picture now (can you believe how long it takes me to get around to posts ?) I am dead jealous of that view .. we get to see our red neck neighbours how wonderful is that I ask you ? Plus the parrot from hell .. when will the lottery kick in ???
    I have a better idea of the location now .. that doesn't mean I still wouldn't get lost though ... sad but true .. my internal G.P.S. is total M.U.S.H. ! haha

  9. Ha ha ha...Joy, you are hilarious. Well, if anything, red neck neighbours and the parrot from hell provide some interesting entertainment.

    I'm very bad with locations too. In fact, I have a terrible sense of direction. I do end up where I'm headed eventually, but always after a sight-seeing tour.


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