Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Book Contest

I confess that I am an unabashed bibliophile (no need to report me; it means I love books) with an addiction to words on paper. And I don’t have a minor addiction, I have a severe one; I consume books the way I consume oxygen, inhaling as many as I can whenever I can. I have had this voracious appetite for books since I was a young child, way before I’d even learned my ABCs.

And I not only read a lot of books; I also buy quite a few. I’ve picked up so many over the years that I’ve managed to fill five huge bookcases with hundreds of different titles; most of which I’ve read. Moreover, if I hadn’t given away any during all the moves I’ve had to make, I would have a few hundred more.

So I love books. That’s pretty clear.

Now imagine how surprised and excited I was when I discovered that I’d won the ‘Friday Contest’ that Tatiana (isn’t that a fabulous name?) had running on her cool blog, which gave the winner a “$50.00 gift card to Amazon to spend as they see fit” Obviously, the only fit for me is books. One can never have too many books. Ever.

It didn’t take long before the order was placed and the shipment arrived:

Can you say super happy?

You know, I never win anything. I’m one of those people that will buy 49 out of the 50 tickets available for a contest and still end up losing. Winning this book contest was quite a surprise. Perhaps I should play a lottery.

Hey, thanks Tatiana! And happy reading, from one bibliophile (and Canuck) to another.


  1. Awesome! I was wondering what you'd end up with, and all are great picks.

    I totally am one of those people that never wins anything either, but maybe life is saving people like us for a huge jackpot?

    Glad you enjoyed the contest, I'll have another one in a bit.

  2. Tatiana, it was really tough ordering because my wish list is from here to the next lifetime. I can't read fast enough to keep up with all the books I want to read. And they keep on bringing new ones out all the time...ACK!