Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Bushy-Tailed Rascal In My Backyard

The little fella below is one squirrel that is fast becoming quite a menace at the bird feeders:

I do admire the tenacity of squirrels, although I wish they wouldn’t exercise that trait in my backyard.

Squirrel stew, anyone?


  1. That's hilarious, Martha! Yep, squirrels are pesky little critters, alright, but I have to admire their acrobatic skills. And they are pretty entertaining to watch.

    By the way, I've eaten squirrel, and I didn't care much for it. Kind of gamy...

  2. Beth, me and the squirrels we have a love/hate relationship. They're cute and pesky at the same time :)

    I also love their acrobatic skills and the entertainment they provide, but I wish they wouldn't climb/chew/hang off/destroy the bird feeders. And they hog all the bird seed and scare the birds off, so they can be quite frustrating.

    I'm working on outwitting the squirrels - and losing miserably!

  3. What a great post!

    Yes, I've come to accept we must embrace the squirrels in one form or another...or else they would drive us mad! It's the woodchucks I can't seem to get the "love" part down of the love/hate relationship...still working on that one.

  4. So you ever have squirrel stew? I hear they still make it down south... :)

  5. Hey Pale Gardener! Are you still around? Did ya start your road trip! Sounds awesome... Have a great time with it.

    I think squirrels are really cute; I just wish they would tone it down a little. They're super energetic and end up destorying everything in their path. Not the best way to make friends :)

  6. Tatiana, I've never had squirrel stew and I'm not going to any time soon. It's not something that I'm curious to try. But if the squirrel thinks I might do that, maybe he'll tone it down a bit. Yeah, I know, I'm delusional :)