Friday, July 10, 2009

Chipmunks Know How To Maximize Peanut Consumption

I’ve hung a basket on a tree in my yard that I occasionally fill with peanuts. And whenever I do fill it, a feeding frenzy occurs. The backyard fills up with an abundance of critters that fly, hop, waddle and mosey over to feast on the infrequent treat. Because of the volume of animals – from groundhogs to birds to squirrels to chipmunks to rabbits – that show up to dine, the peanuts are polished off within a couple of hours after they’re offered. That being said, you can well imagine how fierce the competition around the basket is.

Well, the neighbourhood chipmunks decided that the only way they were going to get their fair share is to jump right in. Literally.

These innovative little critters hop into the basket, eat as much as they can, stuff their cheeks until their heads are the size of a cantaloupe, run off to stash the extras and return about a minute later to do it all over again. And they do this over and over until there are no more peanuts. They consume more peanuts than any other backyard visitor.

They’re not just another cute face, these little dudes. They’re also devilishly devious.


  1. How cool! Smart little guys - I guess they figure they'd better eat while the eatin' is hot...

  2. Yeah, they eat quickly, as if they know that this treat won't be around forever. I just wonder where they stash so much food. Maybe they have a sideline going selling peanuts to all the other critters :)