Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dazzling Daisies

A few days ago, the family and I headed over to the K&P trail, which is 15 kilometers long and ideal for walking, hiking, cycling, horseback riding and cross-country skiing. We didn’t bring along bikes and we don’t own horses, so we walked, for a total distance of about 3.8 kilometers. This peaceful trail is very scenic, and as we strolled along I was once again reminded how frustrating it is being without a digital camera. Along the way we saw many beautiful dragonflies, birds, butterflies and flowers that were photo worthy. And one of those flowers was the popular daisy. I would have snapped some photos of these pretty plants to share them with you but I can’t without a camera.

So, I’ve downloaded images from the MorgueFile and SXC instead. Sigh...

Daisies are very easy to grow. They enjoy full sun, regular watering during dry periods and monthly fertilizing.

Also, while searching for information about them, I discovered that these pretty flowers are often considered weeds on lawns because they’re not affected by mowing. Perhaps they give dandelions a run for their money in certain areas of the world.


  1. I wish I had them instead of the dandelions, sigh. They are a very cheerful flower. And they can't possibly be as invasive.

  2. Crafty Gardener, I love them too, especially when I see them growing in the wild.


    Tatiana, we have our fair share of dandelions here as well. And I too would rather have these pretty flowers around. They're so much prettier.

  3. I would exchange them for dandelions as well, though one can technically eat dandelion greens in salads so there is that.

    I'm here to bother you again about the monstera. Can I ask you to visit a site where I've posted photos of my attempts so far (the roots are soaking in water right now), so that you can point out any issues of concern? I'm much obliged...

  4. Hi Tset, your monstera looks fine to me. Now all you need to do is change the water regularly to keep it fresh - and be patient! Good luck with the plant. I think it will do fine.

  5. Thank you for taking a look. I'll update you when I transfer over to the hydroton.

    Have a lovely week! Thanks again!

  6. You're very welcome Tset. And have a lovely week, too! I look forward to seeing the progress of your plant's conversion.

  7. Hi accessory lady! Daisies sure are lovely. Thanks for dropping by!