Sunday, July 5, 2009

I Spy With My Little Eye...

...a fearless hare (or rabbit?):

(Is this a hare or a rabbit? If anyone knows for sure, please leave a comment)

A couple of Sundays ago, while I was snapping photos in my backyard, the hare/rabbit in the above image hopped right by me, stopped a few feet away and started eating goodies that had fallen from the bird feeders.

Needless to say that I was a little stunned, not only because I’d never seen a wild hare/rabbit (you know, it slowly dawns on me what a dull city existence I’ve lived till now), but also at this critter’s boldness. How could it stand so close to me without being afraid?

I slowly took a few steps forward until I was literally about four feet away from this bold furry visitor who didn’t so much as bat an eye as I got closer. And I’m fairly certain that it would have let me get even closer if I’d tried, which I didn’t because I really didn’t want it to run off before I got a chance to snap some photos.

Yes, I realize this cute little hare/rabbit will become a menace at some point in my garden. But presently there’s no vegetation anywhere around the home that is worth worrying about, so until such time, the cute rabbit/hare and I are okay with one another.

And, you know, hare/rabbit is welcome to destroy the weeds and other unwanted plant growth taking over the garden. Then we’d really be good friends.


  1. Hi, Martha. I believe that may be a rabbit. Hares are usually larger with really, really big ears. In fact, I think that hares and rabbits may even be different species. Your rabbit looks just like our rabbits here in the North Carolina mountains---the ones who have eaten our lettuce down to nubs. *Sigh* They're mighty cute, though. :-)

    I'm glad to see you're all moved and settling in. I look forward to seeing the progress on your outdoor gardens!

  2. Looks like a rabbit. Hares have longer hind legs and ears.

    Remember when it does become a pest that:

    Dead rabbits tell no tales ...Yosemite Sam

  3. Hey Beth, thanks for stopping in and leaving your thoughts on the hare/rabbit. You're probably right that it's a rabbit. I've been doing some research and hare/rabbit seems to fit the rabbit profile.

    We're quite settled in, and even starting to enjoy some relaxation time. I'm definitely looking forward to the garden transition, although it looks like there won’t be any major changes until next year. I’m grateful for the garden, so I can wait!


    LOL…you’re right WiseAcre...that it’s a rabbit…! Oh, and I grew up with the Bugs Bunny Road Runner Hour (Remember that? Are you old enough to?), so you had me in stitches with the Yosemite Sam comment!

    By the way, is there a little bit of a WiseA$$ in the WiseAcre? LOL...

  4. Looks like a bunny to me! And we have them all over the place here in Calgary, never mind that we're in the city. Deer too, and some coyotes.

    My mom tosses chunks of carrots on her front lawn to supplement their diet. She calls it free lawn fertilizer. They literally camp there some days. Yay Canada!

  5. So I guess it's a rabbit now that you've added your vote too Tatiana. Wow coyotes? Do they cause damage? Hurt anyone? That's really interesting.

    So far I've had an assortment of birds, rabbits, groundhogs, chipmunks and squirrels running around the backyard. But no, no coyotes. Or deer.

    Yay Canada, for sure! LOL...

  6. Well the coyotes have been known to kill cats and dogs for sure. Extremely rarely they will attack a child, but mostly they are too shy for that.

    The deer though are absolutely everywhere -inner city, on the highways, you name it. Unlike parts of the US though they seem to have enough food, and leave gardens alone.

    My favorite story though, by far is the bear that walked into our Rockyview hospital last year. I guess he waddled up to the sliding doors, and they opened. :)

  7. Ha ha har...that is too funny about the bear. Okay, maybe it wasn't funny to the people he surprised, but it is for the rest of us. The image of the sliding doors and a bear walking in is going to stay in my head all day long now. My family will catch me laughing by myself every now and then. I'll be the crazy woman.

    That's something about the coyotes. I guess if Fluffy or Fifi fail to come home, it may be because of the coyote.