Saturday, July 18, 2009

Joy In Kingston

No, I don’t mean joy as in happiness. I mean Joy as in the woman in Kingston Ontario whose name is Joy. You know her. Oh come on, of course you know her. She’s the gardening guru from the blog ’Garden Joy 4 Me’ who has this awesome garden – and a wonderful sense of humour. Ah, you see, you do know her.

Anyhow, if you have visited Joy’s website and wondered if she’s as nice in person as she is online, well, I can honestly say that she is even nicer. And the sense of humour that’s on the blog is alive and well in the real world. And how do I know all this, you ask? Because I had the pleasure of meeting her this week in Kingston where my family and I recently moved.

And not only did I have the pleasure of her company, but I also received these gardening babies, amongst other things, in a ‘welcome to Kingston’ gift package:

Awesome, no?

The plants that Joy was sweet enough to give me motivated me to get outside and start the complete overhaul of my sad-looking garden. Because not only am I sick and tired of looking at a sad-looking garden, but these little plants needed to get in the ground. And the ground that they were going to be planted in needed to be prepared. So for the past three days, I have been doing just that – preparing the planting grounds in the backyard to make room for plants like the ones in the above pictures.

I have taken dozens of pictures that show the gradual transition of each planting area that I will share with you very soon. The sad-looking garden will eventually become a thing of the past.

And finally, a huge thank you to Joy for her kind gesture. The plants, which she’ll get to see in person as they grow (cause, you know, I am a Kingstonian now), are in good gardening hands. Those gardening hands might be a little rusty since I haven’t gardened in years but they’re still good. Because gardening is like riding a bicycle; once you learn, you never forget.


  1. What a lucky lady you are meeting Joy. She is truly a Garden Joy. One of these days maybe I'll be lucky to meet her too.

  2. Don't I know it Crafty Gardener. She's a very special lady and I'm thrilled to have met her. I'm also looking forward to meeting her two sweet cats. I've read so much about them; it'll be so much fun to finally see them in person!

  3. Martha ! you are such a sweetie ! thank you girl : ) Can you believe I am just now seeing this post .. I have been so backward about catching up on blogs it is embarrassing .. see? RED FACE ;-) haha.
    I'm so glad you feel at ease and at home in Kingston .. some day we will have to tee up with Crafty (Linda) and have a girlie garden lunch ? Now that would be fun : )
    I have just finished that fantastic fudge yesterday .. and I loved it .. nothing like a fudge BUZZ !! hahaha

  4. Not to worry Joy. I have fallen behind on many things, especially keeping up with blogs. I do make an effort to get up to speed with my favourite websites when I have a little free time, but now that I've added more responsibilities to my load, I'm a little overwhelmed.

    I would love to get together with you and Linda. Let's do it one day! Not talk about it. Or think about it. But do it! It'll be so much fun!

    And I love, love, love Kingston. Moving here was one of the best things I ever did. George and I are just thrilled.

    Now that I'm close by, whenever you need a fresh batch of fudge, let me know. I think I've already told you that I enjoy cooking, so for me it's not a problem to make more!