Friday, July 24, 2009

Kingston Hospitality

Yesterday, the real estate agent that helped us find our home dropped by for a quick visit and surprised us with this:

This kind gesture is meant to welcome us to Kingston, to congratulate us on our new home and to thank us for entrusting him to aid us in our home purchase.

First it was Joy’s wonderful welcome and now it’s our realtor’s. I tell you, I’m just going to overdose with all this hospitality. It’s quite a change from the big city I came from.

Kingston, Ontario: Beautiful City, Beautiful People


  1. Your are so lucky. I guess you have just experience a 'double happiness'!

  2. You bet autumn belle! It's been a wonderful experience!

  3. Martha .. I just noticed .. we have the same kitchen cabinet door handles .. now how funny is that ?
    Looks like a lot of goodies in that basket girl : )

  4. I wonder if there are other things in our homes that are similar! It's weird, huh?

    The basket was delicious. Different types of fruit, a variety of cheese, some white chocolate almond bars (de-li-cious!) and some other goodies.