Friday, July 31, 2009

A Little Friend For My Impatiens

Concerned that my plant in the front entrance was a little lonely, I decided to get it a companion. Okay, it didn’t actually tell me that it was lonely; I just assumed it must be. But wouldn’t you come to the same conclusion? I mean, how can a plant not be lonely all by itself in the front entrance of a home? How can it not want a little plant friend? Who will it discuss the weather with? Or insect attacks? Or flower performance anxiety? Or the abuse it endures? Like the drought it sometimes has to tolerate because the mean lady in the house occasionally forgets to water it. And because of that, it has to drop a leaf or two and even some flowers it’s worked so hard to develop, which totally sucks.

Yeah, I thought it would be a good idea to get it a friend to discuss all these issues with, so I went plant hunting and came back with this:

Don’t these two lovely bloomers look happy together?

There was a little bickering in the beginning because the Begonia took over the plant stand that the Impatiens was happily occupying. But when I explained to the Impatiens that I had taken it off the plant stand to move it up front where it could receive more light, all was well with my botanical world again.

Plants can be reasoned with, you know, especially where light is involved.


  1. Looks like they're getting along very well--they make a lovely pair. My petunias and morning glories coexist peacefully until the morning glories start trying to sneak up my porch railing into the petunia's flower box home. :-)

  2. Ha ha...that's funny Beth. Yup, morning glories will do that. They can be quite invasive!