Friday, July 17, 2009

The Mystery Plant

I have spent the past two days working in the garden – all day long. In fact, I’ve spent so many hours out there that the tan that I’ve developed as a result of that could easily be passed off as the result of a Caribbean vacation, which won’t be happening any time soon. At least not until we put a significant dent in our recently-acquired mortgage. I figure we should be able to travel somewhere in about 10 or 20 years from now. In the meantime, there’s gardening.

So, like I started to say before I wandered off to something else as usual (my family says I have adult ADD), I’ve spent the past couple of days in my sad -looking garden working on a complete overhaul in hopes that I’ll eventually turn it into a happy-looking garden. I am exhausted and bruised and sunburned and I have muscles aching that I didn’t even know I have. And I plan to do it all over again today - exhaustion, bruises, sunburn and aching muscles included. Because, dear friends, all that hard work has made a significant difference, which is encouraging me to keep going. There’s hope on the horizon!

And yes, I have taken tons of photos to share with all of you that I will be doing very soon. In the meantime, I need someone to identify this plant for me:

Here’s why.

Every gardening section around the house is going to be given a complete face-lift this month. Because of that, most of the greenery that exists in those areas is being removed and packed in yard waste bags. Well, not entirely everything. A few hostas, which I may eventually relocate, are being spared, but everything else is meeting its botanical maker.

Tomorrow I will be working on the area that the above plant is located in. Now, even though I don’t remember what this mystery plant is, my rusty gardening memory is telling me that it’s something good. And if that’s true, I don’t want to remove it unnecessarily. Therefore, dear gardeners, your feedback will determine whether this purple/red-leafed cutie keeps on growing in my soon-to-be-happy-looking-garden or whether it ends up as compost.



  1. Martha girl .. I am working backwards on catching up on your posts (I am dyslexic and I have to admit to it .. it explains a lot about me .. I didn't want to scare you when we had our coffee chat and tell you then ? LOL)
    You have Purple Leaf Sandcherry there .. and I love it .. I have two significant shrubs that lend the dark colour scheme a boost.
    The only thing you have to watch it for (mainly in the Spring) is the aphid problem on new growth .. you can miss them easily and they can do a lot of damage before you know what is going on .. I usually just shoot them off with a machine gun ... oops ... I meant sharp spray from the water hose ;-)
    So I hope that helps ? .. they are very pretty shrubs and that is nice we are sharing garden plants girl !

  2. So far nothing about you has scared me Joy, cause there really isn't anything unusual. Unless you are an alien species, we'll do fine. And even that would probably fascinate me.

    I'm so glad you identified this mystery plant. I did not get rid of it. It looks so pretty that I decided to keep it where it is. At least now I know what it is. Thank you! I'll keep an eye out in the spring for those aphids. They're just as much a problem with indoor plants, the lousy schmucks...:)