Sunday, July 19, 2009

Okay Garden, It’s You Against Me

Okay garden, let’s tango! I’ve got gardening tools, gloves, yard waste bags, soil, bone meal, plants and motivation. And now that I'm fully equipped, I'm going to clean up the planting area under the kitchen window whether you like it or not. You can fight me all you want garden, but I'm gonna dig you up!

[The music from ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ begins. But instead of Clint Eastwood riding up on a horse, a middle-aged woman steps into her sad-looking garden with sandals, some garden tools, squinted eyes and a determined look on her face. Yeah, that would be me]

Let us begin...

Step 1: Evaluate The Mess
Double yuck...

Step 2: Get The Tools Ready

Step 3: Put On The Gloves (so creepy crawly critters don't touch skin)

Step 4: Sigh In Despair. Rekindle Motivation

Step 5: Clean Up The Mess

Step 6: Toss Garbage Into Yard Waste Bags

Step 7: Turn Over The Soil With The Spade

Step 8: Add Fresh Soil

Step 9: Dig Holes And Add Some Bone Meal

Step 9: Add The Plants

Miniature Yellow Roses (1)

Miniature Yellow Roses (2)


Coneflower (1)

Coneflower (2)

Step 10: Admire The Result Of Hard Work
Ah, much better

Step 11: Reward Hard Work With BBQ

Words of wisdom to garden:
Never mess with a woman on a botanical mission, especially when she's equipped with gardening tools - and a BBQ.


For those of you that don’t know the popular music from the classic Clint Eastwood movie 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly', click below to listen:


  1. That is beautiful, Martha...what a dramatic change! I can't wait to see more pictures as your flowers grow and bloom. I'm glad to see, too, that you have a garden fairy keeping watch---that's always a good thing.

    By the way, I adore coneflowers. I have lots of them---both purple/pink and white. My bee, butterfly,and bird friends like them, too.

  2. Martha .. that was too funny girl ! .. I'm glad to see your adopted garden "babies" tucked into their new home : ) it will be really interesting to see how our hydrangea do in both our gardens in different parts of the city ?
    I am so happy to have another friend who is a GARDENER !!! .. you have the same copper lights that I do too .. now how weird is that ?
    Don't forget to have an area in mind before we do the day lily mission .. they tolerate a bit of shade too, so they are really flexible.
    Great post girl ... lots of giggles and sympathy at the same time ? tame that wilderness !! ;-)

  3. Thank you Beth! I had a great time outdoors that day. And I do speak to my garden, don't you? I even talk to the birds and chipmunks. Sometimes they stand and stare at me as if I'm some crazy person...ha ha...

    Anyway, the work did exhaust me but I'm so pleased that at least one area is settled. I am so happy you mentioned the bees, butterflies and birds for the coneflowers. I hope they visit. Those flowers are right beneath my kitchen window so it will be wonderful to see them there!

  4. Joy, I guess you have to be a particular age to appreciate that music! Clint Eastwood was such a stud in his youth, don't you think? Anyway, that's how it felt going out that day in my garden - a western-style showdown....har har har... I tell you, the garden put up quite a fight. I fell back on my butt a few times trying to remove all the black landscape fabric. The garden had been neglected for so long that the weeds and grass had grown on top of it!

    Anyway, I finally cleared up that area. I do have spots for the day lilies. Where they go – and how many go it - depends on how big they get. I’ll send you an email as soon as I get a chance to put one together.

    The garden babies you gave me are doing fine so far. I can’t wait until they grow and make flowers!

    Oh, and I love those copper lights. As you know, they're also available in silver, but copper seems to blend in nicer with the garden.

  5. Good for you. It now looks great, and I hope all of your flowers grow and grows.~~Dee

  6. Hi Dee! Thank you! I certainly hope they grow. I worked very hard for these little buggers to have a nice spot to grow in; the least they can do is grow and bloom for me!

  7. I was enjoying your site when all of a sudden I played your inspirational music. Now I feel warm all over. I would follow your site but I do not see how. Perhaps you could follow mine, which will leave an icon on my page that I can use as a link to you as I find it hard to locate blogs once I have moved on from them. Unless you have a different means that a novice like me is ignorant to.


  8. Hi 'eyes wide open'. Thanks for stopping in. I will visit your website and we'll take it from there!