Thursday, July 16, 2009

Purple Flowers For The Garden

When I was a little girl (many, many, and dare I say it again, many moons ago), my absolutely-positively-favourite-and-bestest-colour-in-the-whole-wide-entire-world was purple. And like any other kid, everything I could possibly have in my favourite colour, I did. So, I wore purple clothing, owned a (corny) purple winter coat, painted my nails purple, coloured with purple crayons, tied my hair with purple ribbons and slipped my little feet into purple socks.

Eventually the purple-loving phase was replaced by a love for the colour blue which, by the way, has been my favourite colour since then. I’d forgotten about that period in my life until I ran across these petunias at the garden centre a few days ago:

When I spotted them, I had to have them. The purple shade, especially when the sun hits it, is stunning.

Purple may not be my absolutely-positively-favourite-and-bestest-colour-in-the-whole-wide-entire-world anymore, but it looks fabulous in the garden.


  1. I started laughting cause my current winter coat is... purple! And I love purple flowers too. I'd love to one day have a section that moves in a rainbow pattern - purple to blue to red to orange, etc.

  2. Tatiana, I'm sure your winter coat is nothing like what mine was as a have noooo idea. Mine was the definition of corny. As a very young child though, you have no idea how ridiculous you look. And you don't really care. Sometimes I wish I could be a kid again!

    A rainbow pattern? You know, that would look so cool! If you ever do it, make sure you post it for the rest of us to see!

  3. That is indeed a lovely shade of purple. The petunias in my front porch flower boxes grew from seeds dropped by the petunias that were in there last year. For some reason, though, most of them are purple. Not to mention all the blue and purple morning glories that are growing all over my porch railings from seeds dropped last year. So I'll bet you'd really like my front porch flowers. :-)

  4. Beth, I would probably love your front porch flowers. In fact, I'd probably love everything around your home. I've seen pictures of the view from your home and it is like heaven on earth!

  5. Hey there girl !
    The shades of rich purple that are coming out in flowers now are absolutely fabulous !
    I love the dark purples but I restricted myself to mostly herbs for deck pots and some great ideas with white wave petunias with double red ones .. well talk about a bust for a plan .. even husband said "what went wrong ???" now you have to know that is bad ? haha
    Great buy on gorgeous flowers !
    PS .. I'm still working backwards here , can you tell ? haha

  6. You betcha Joy. And you know, last week when I was at Canadian Tire, there was this awesome container of petunias with purple/white colouring. I've never seen anything like it. And you know what else? I DIDN'T BUY THEM! I already had two potted plants sitting in the car and I thought "Oh, I don't need anymore" Can you believe that? Can you ever have too many gorgeous flowers? Anyhow, I regret it. Tomorrow I need to drive over there for some things, so I'm going to peek through the gardening section. And if those pretty petunias are still there, there's no way I'm leaving them behind.