Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Bee In The House

The other day, while tending to some chores in my basement, I found this:

Lucky for this little fella that I really like bees or else he would have joined the big insectarium in the sky after a hard smack with a shoe accompanied by shrieking and hysterical gestures (mine). I’m not even sure what would have ultimately killed him – the smack or the shrieks.


Because the basement is a little cool and because he’d probably been there for awhile (two things that slowed him down and weakened him), he was not able to fly. This was a good thing because a) he couldn’t dive bomb me and sting me if he felt threatened and b) it was very easy to trap him so he could be set free outside. In addition, I may not have felt very charitable if he’d stung me. Sometimes shoe smacks are impulsive. So there’s that.


Since he couldn’t fly and I wasn’t stung and there were no impulsive shoe smacks, I carefully trapped him and took him outside. When I lifted the plastic cover to set him free, he didn’t fly away. He just sat in the little container and buzzed around a little. At first I thought he really couldn’t fly, that he was injured. But after warming up by basking in the sun for a minute or so, which proved to be exactly what he needed to get him going, he went on his merry way.

Don’t you just love a happy ending?


  1. Good for you saving that bee! He'll return the favor, I'm sure, by pollinating your trees and flowers. We are fortunate to have lots and lots of honeybees as our neighbor keeps bees. We joke that he should give us free honey since our flowers and trees seem to be a major nectar source for his bees. :-)

  2. Hello there Martha .. I have noticed a few bees bee-having like that .. perhaps this sudden heat/humidity wave stunned them a little.
    You should see the circus here if a wasp or bee is in the house .. I try to stop the "girls" from chasing and catching it because I fear what a sting will do to them ! .. a lot of running and screaming happens .. just can't help it ?? LOL

  3. ah the childhood memories of my little brother and his friends putting bees in the freezer so that later they can take them out and watch them slowly defreeze, stumble around, and then fly away.
    Those poor
    Not sure how it is up north in Ontario where you live, but here in NY we love seeing honey bees because their numbers have dwindled so much in the past few years. I've seen a good deal this summer, so that is a good thing! Though I do keep my distance and we all seem to get along just fine out in the garden. :)
    P.S. Thanks for the well wishes on my trip! We had a wonderful time and I will soon have a photo of the new little one to share!

  4. I've no doubt Beth that they'll return the favour by pollinating the greenery in my garden; they're so good at that. And I would never hurt a bee; not only do I really like them but they are the 'good bugs'. We certainly need them! I haven't seen many bees around this year. You are so lucky to have them visiting your garden. And maybe you should get some honey!


    Joy, the heat and humidity certainly threw all these little critters off. Even the birds didn't seem to like it. There were less of them at the feeders. I'm so glad it's cooling off; I really can't stand when it's too warm.

    I would imagine it's quite a fiasco when there's a bug in the house and the cats spot it. The mighty hunters need something to hunt...LOL...


    Hey pale gardener, it's nice to see you here! Welcome back. I look forward to getting a glimpse of the new addition to your family. Nieces and nephews are the best! You play with them, fill them up with sugar and send them to their parents...LOL... Grandkids are great for this too...

    I did some wacky things with my brothers as well, though I'm not confessing to anything! I have two brothers and they're older than me; you can imagine what type of 'interesting' childhood I had...LOL...

  5. Awww, love stories that work out for the critters. I too am prone to use the 'stun by scream' technique, but bees are so good for the garden that I'm glad he recovered.

  6. Ha ha...Tatiana, 'stun by scream' technique! Love it! Maybe we can market it :)

    Yeah, bees are great for the garden. There's no way I would kill one on purpose.