Thursday, August 20, 2009

Big Garden Cleanup – Phase III

Okay, so there was The Big Garden Cleanup that involved getting rid of a lot of overgrown, unwanted shrubbery. And then there was Big Garden Cleanup – Phase II that involved adding some edging and grass seed. And now there’s phase three that involves the addition of some plants.

Since this newly-prepared area receives little sun, I decided to start with some hostas pictured below.

First there’s Hosta ‘Blue Whirl’ that I couldn’t resist (picked up one):

And then there’s Hosta ‘Frances Williams’ (picked up two):

And here they are all together in a group hug. Aren’t they just lovely?

Then there’s me showing off my sexy gardening look (every woman should have a pair of rubber boots):

And me digging in the dirt with my sexy boots:

The end result:

Hmm… That spot looks awfully empty, doesn’t it? And the hostas look pretty lonely with so few plants around them. Well, there’s only one way to solve that problem. Buy more plants! And do more gardening!

I guess this means that at some point there’ll be a phase four to this garden cleanup. Looks like I’m going to get to wear my sexy rubber boots again. Isn’t my life exciting?


  1. Too funny!
    I have a pair of those boots. I refer to mine "Wellies" in honor of my English gardening friends.

  2. Hi Linda, I've heard of the term 'Wellies'. My husband also calls them 'Billy Boots'. In any case, no matter what they're called, they make me laugh whenever I put them on!