Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Big Garden Cleanup

By mid July, the amount of plants (most of them quite large) growing in the front and right side of the house had gotten ridiculous. First, our living room window was being lost to the overgrown vegetation, which reduced the amount of light we received indoors (even the houseplants began to complain). Then we stopped using the pathway that leads to the backyard because it was obstructed by mammoth bushes that made it very difficult to get through. In addition, you couldn’t open the gate because the Cedar tree was growing up against it and blocking it. So everything had to go.

(Forget ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ music, it’s not good enough for this project. This here job requires ‘Mission Impossible’...)


Analyze The Challenge (Consider Bolting):

Get The Tools (Laugh Menacingly):

A Few Hours Later (Gloat):

Use Secret Weapon (The Husband):

Check Husband For Pulse:

Admire Results After Cleanup:

Well there you have it folks; another garden success story. Now I just need something to plant there.

And you know, even if these bushy things hadn’t begun to take over our home, I still would have taken them out. I’m not a big fan of bushes or bushy-type growth, unless it’s compact and grows nice flowers and has cool-looking leaves and doesn’t get too wide and doesn’t need regular pruning to keep it small and attractive. Okay, it’s obvious that I really don’t like bushes or bushy-type plants.


  1. Sometimes a fresh start is all we need!

  2. Oh my, that makes my back ache just looking at it! Congratulations to you and your "Secret Weapon" on winning the War with the Shrubberies. :-)

    By the way, I loved your bird bath cartoon post. So funny....

  3. Hey Martha !
    Holy Cow !! ... You can see the house now ;-)
    You have such new fresh spaces to plant in .. I am almost jealous girl .. my beds have been slept in for a long time .. I might have to get into the "shake-it-up" phase once more.
    Have you any idea about what you want to plant there ? .. please don't forget about the day lilies .. I am determined to get them done this week for you .. as soon as I do I will give you a call ( I might have misplaced your phone number can you e-mail me with it again .. sorry .. I have so many little pieces of paper floating around .. go figure ? no wonder I can't remember anything !!)
    In any case it is looking wonderful over there !
    Joy : )

  4. Looks like a lot of work that's for sure! I don't envy you guys, big clean up projects are an excellent workout, but you sure feel it the next day.

    So I'm guessing some shorter flowers are on the agenda? :)

  5. Beth, this truly was the most tiring garden cleanup of all. But it's done! And I'm really looking forward to building my own garden style. I have to say, though, that the shrubbery put up a very impressive fight. Both 'the secret weapon' and I have enough cuts, bruises, scrapes and aches and pains to prove it!

    Thanks for the compliment on the birdbath cartoon. I had fun doing it.

  6. Joy, don't be jealous of me! I would love to have my garden settled and only need to maintain it. The front of the house doesn't get a lot of sun so I'm going to add a few hostas and maybe some flowering plants that don't mind mostly shade with just a little sun. The right side of the house receives ample sun so I've reserved it for your daylilies. I'll probably add something in front of them as a companion but it's mostly for them. Daylilies will look spectacular there!

  7. Tatians, after a big cleanup like this, I feel it for days! Yup, there's nothing to envy with this project. But at least it's over.

    You can bet your bottom dollar that I'm going to plant something shorter and non-bushy! Some hostas and some shade-loving flowers are on the horizon.

  8. Chris, every planting area around the house is getting a major overhaul, so there'll be fresh starts everywhere. It's a lot of work but very exciting too. Building a new garden is always fun.