Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cleaning Up Under The Maple Tree

I keep telling myself that all the hard work I’m putting into my garden this year, which consists mainly of cleaning it up, will pay off next spring. Well, I certainly hope so because it isn’t quite over yet and there has to be some compensation – albeit in the future – for all the aches and pains that I’ve endured.

With that in mind, here’s a photo of what the section under the maple tree looked like before it was cleaned up:

When I first began cutting down these bushes under the maple tree, I happened upon a garter snake living inside one of them. Having never seen a snake before (aside from zoos and such places), I was quite startled, to say the least. No, I did not faint or run away screaming or react hysterically in any way; I simply froze in place and thought to myself “This is either a worm on steroids or a snake. I think I’ll bet on it being a snake.” My daughter, on the other hand, was elated. She exclaimed how adorable the snake was and asked, jokingly, if she could keep it as a pet. Um, no.


The snake moved away and the cleanup was finished. Here’s a photo of what the section under the maple tree looks like now:

The only plans I have for this newly-cleaned area is to add some grass to it. As long as the weather holds up and there’s no rain, I will be spending a significant amount of time in the garden today. One of the outdoor chores will include spreading grass seed under the maple tree. Hopefully there’ll be enough soil added on top of it to give it a chance to sprout before the birds get to it. But I’m not betting money on that.

There’ll be a post in the future on the outcome. Good or bad.


  1. Wow, another impressive gardening victory! I laughed out loud at your description "worm on steroids." :-) We have an enormous five-foot long black snake that lives on our property. He's very well-behaved and stays away from our house, so we're quite fond of him, as we figure he dines on our rodent population and maybe even poisonous snakes.

  2. Hi Beth, thanks; it was a lot of work but I'm happy with this cleanup. It'll look much nicer when grass grows in the bare areas.

    I have no problem with snakes that are not poisonous and snakes that are a gardener's friend. A little help keeping the rodent population in check is very welcome indeed!

  3. Martha girl .. my goodness you are a garden clean up MACHINE !! .. you are doing such a great job (I am intimidated with the thoughts of you seeing my garden in person !! yikes !! haha) ..
    I squeezed out some energy to do some clean up of the "jungle" that has happened since I have been sick .. with the rain we got it was a bit overwhelming.
    But .. I did get back a little more control .. I have to make some hard decisions and big changes in a few areas .. but that is what is so great about gardening .. nothing is forever .. there will be changes constantly .. right ? LOL
    Take a break girl !! ;-)

  4. Hi Joy! So far I've survived the cleaning up; I hope I don't collapse before it's all done. I have tired myself out but things are coming along nicely. You're right: nothing is forever in a garden!

  5. Your daughter wanted to keep it as a pet?

    That's hilarious. I am always saying I'd like more wildlife in the garden but I draw the line at snakes and spiders.

  6. Mrbrownthumb, I don't mind snakes and spiders outside of the house. They eat a lot of bad critters, so I think of them as beneficial. I wouldn't even mind if my daughter kept a small snake as a pet, although I can't imagine how much of an exciting pet it would make.