Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Fearless Feathered Friend

My backyard is very bird friendly. Not only do I have an assortment of feeders hanging around, but I also have a few birdbaths scattered around the yard for my feathered friends to bathe in, and small containers filled with water from which they can quench their thirst. Because of all these comforts and luxuries, the back of my house is always filled with an interesting assortment of birds, most of which I’m sure are repeat visitors.

When birds visit regularly, they begin to get used to you; they aren’t as easily intimidated by your presence (if you don’t purposely frighten them) and you’re able to get fairly close to them before they become anxious enough to take flight. This takes time of course, since birds are instinctively nervous. But it does eventually happen. And I have to tell you that when it does finally happen, it’s an amazing experience.

Take, for example, this little dude (or is it dudette?):

I must have been standing about two feet away from this bird when I snapped this photo. That’s as far as I could get because when I attempted to take one more step, he flew away. But that’s fine because two feet between us is pretty impressive.

This is not the first time a Mourning Dove that visits my backyard regularly has allowed me to stand so close. Sometimes they lie down in the grass right beside me as I tend to my flowers. It’s obvious that they’ve gotten used to my presence over time, and because I’ve never frightened them or given them reason to be suspicious of me, they’ve learned to trust me. As much as wild birds can trust any human.


  1. Two feet away is the nearest anybody can get to any bird, except the caged one... I can see the bird is in ready position to kick off...

    Such a great and lucky shot!

  2. Yup, you are right Bangchik; the bird was ready to take off, in case I got any closer, which I did. One more step and this cutie was gone. At least I got a nice photo of it!