Friday, August 28, 2009

A Husband That’s Not Familiar With Plants...

...should never be left alone in the garden. Ever.


Because of this:

This is an Asclepias tuberosa that was brutally yanked out of the ground (where it was happily growing) by a plant-clueless, well-meaning husband (he was kindly removing weeds from one of the flower beds) and ruthlessly tossed into a yard waste bag where it was later (frantically) retrieved from by said well-meaning husband after his startled wife exclaimed “OHMYGOD! WHERE IS MY BUTTERFLY-ATTRACTING LITTLE PLANT?” (Clearly, she was not amused by the weed-pulling)


After the discarded little perennial was frantically retrieved from the yard waste bag by the plant-clueless but well-meaning husband, the startled wife replanted it, watered it and said a prayer to the plant gods.

So now the question is:

Will the Asclepias tuberosa that was planted again into the ground by the startled wife as her plant-clueless, well-meaning husband watched apologetically survive?


Your guess is as good as mine.

Stay tuned.


  1. i hope your butterfly milkweed will come is a hardy plant. best of luck

  2. Martha ! I am laughing like crazy here and reading this to John .. POOR George ! he must have felt bad .. my goodness !!
    I'm sure the plant gods will smile on this little guy and it will survive for you .. lots of water and apologetic mumblings help from what I hear (not that this has ever happened to me ..... hehehe .. OK .. well maybe .... almost ??? )
    Joy :-)

  3. Oh, I can so relate to this, except in my case, the plant and its root were unfortunately separated from each other and the root was nowhere to be found. I think your little guy will be fine with lots of tender loving care, kind words, and water.

  4. Thanks Muhammad khabbab; I certainly hope it bounces back. I was thrilled when I ran across this little plant and hope I don't lose it. Time will tell.


    Joy, George felt horrible. He really meant well, and I was grateful that he took the time to pull out weeds. But I told him that if he's not sure if it's a weed or not, just leave it alone! The plant is still hanging on, so maybe it'll get through this. It looks a little weak but who can blame it?


    Beth, that's terrible! Thank goodness my plant was in tact, albeit a little traumatized. I've been checking up on it often to make sure it doesn't dry out. It's still hanging on, so maybe there's hope!