Sunday, August 30, 2009

Introducing Bailey...

...the newest addition to our household:

A couple of years ago, my younger daughter asked if she could have a ferret. My answer was: “A ferret? I don’t think so”. And that was the end of that. Not only did we not have the space for this pet (ferrets need a sizeable cage) but I didn’t know much about them.


It turned out that the desire for a ferret was not just a passing phase because when we bought our home this spring, my daughter brought up the topic again.

“We have the room now” She said.

That’s true.


Still not ready (or willing) to take her request seriously, I gave her some homework to do, which I was sure would change her mind about this pet.

“I want you to learn everything there is to know about caring for a ferret and then explain it all to me” I said to my daughter. “And be prepared to answer some questions; I want to make sure you’re equipped to handle this type of responsibility”

“Okay” She said. “How much time do I have?”

“One week”


One week later (after reading books, watching YouTube videos and googling article after article), my daughter joined me at our kitchen table for the ‘what-do-you-know-about-ferrets’ oral exam I had prepared for her.

She passed with flying colours.



Seeing that she was very determined about this, I promised my daughter that I would give her request some serious consideration after I did my own serious research. Basically, I was trying to buy some more time. But a promise is a promise; I eventually forced myself to buckle down and read books, watch YouTube videos, google until there was nothing left to google and visit a few pet stores to ask a lot of questions about these small animals. And lo and behold, I began to grow a little interested in these critters, if not a little fond of them. Then one day while visiting a local pet store, one of the young girls working there placed a young ferret into my daughter’s arms.

“Can I hold her?” I asked.

That’s how it all started.

As soon as I took that little fluff of fur in my arms, I decided that my daughter could get a ferret. We didn’t pick one up that day for various reasons, but a few weeks later we returned to that same pet shop and took Bailey home with us.

Isn’t she adorable?

So far we’ve discovered that she has a very sweet, gentle temperament and that she’s a champion at sleeping, eating and pooping. How in the world does a tiny little thing like this produce so much waste?

Bailey has only been with us for four days but I’ve grown very fond of the little furball. And even though she’s technically my daughter’s pet, guess who she’s going to spend the day with when school starts? I’ve no doubt that her and I will get to know one another quite well. I’m looking forward to it.

And yes, our young ferret is named after Baileys Irish Cream. In case anyone was wondering.


  1. OMG !!! Martha !!!
    Now this is going to be something I will look forward to going through .. an up close personal meeting with a friend's pet ferret .. I have never gotten to know one ;-)
    Do you think Baily will be offended by my cats scent on me ? LOL
    Here I was thinking you were headed to puppy land ? .. maybe that is going to happen too after you all become settled with Baily in your world ? : )
    Congratulations to new and very happy ferret people !

  2. I'd heard they were really good at sleeping. The pooping thing gets left out of the brochures, though.

  3. Joy, I'm sure Bailey will pick up the scent of your cats but I don't think she'll really care. Now, if you smell like bacon, well...that's another story. In any case, you'll get to meet her one day. She's a ball of fur and cute as a button.

    And you're right about the dog; I am headed towards it. But I'm planning to adopt an adult dog at the humane society, rather than getting a puppy. The dogs at the shelter desperately needs homes. There is a ferret rescue society as well, but it's in Ottawa; a bit of a drive from here. So we picked one up at the pet shop near our home instead.


    Mr Subjunctive, you are right. They don't mention the amount of pooping in the brochures. They'd probably scare people off.

  4. Awww...even though I'm more of a dog person, I've got to admit that Bailey is awful cute. She has such an appealing little face. Good luck with the newest member of your family!

  5. Hi Beth,

    I'm more of a dog person too, and hope to pick one up from the humane society this year. But my daughter wanted a ferret "more than anything else in the world" and so here we are.

    Bailey is very sweet. She's very social and quite gentle. We like her :)