Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Miniature Yellow Roses

A long time ago, for a few years in a row, forgetting that I’d purchased the same thing the previous year, I bought my mother miniature roses for Mother’s day. And like all moms who show enthusiasm and gratitude for anything their precious (and perfect) kids bring to them as a gift, she would ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ and act as if my miniature roses were the most beautiful and most unique thing she’d ever received. She never once mentioned that she’d been given the same ones, in the same colour, many times.

Eventually I moved on to other plants like houseplants for her living room or annuals for her garden. In the meantime, the roses that I’d given her had been planted in her garden and had grown significantly. One day when I was visiting, I commented at how stunningly beautiful the collection of roses in front of the house were. She smiled and said “These are the miniatures rose you gave me”

Me: “Really? There are quite a few of them. Did they multiply?”

My mother: “No. For a few years in a row, you brought me miniature roses for Mother’s day. I planted them all outside and they all did well”

Me [sheepish look on face]: “I kept bringing you the same roses each year and you never said anything? Didn’t you get tired of them?”

My mother [pointing to the roses]: “Tired of them? Look how beautiful they all are!”

Ah, mothers...

In all the years I’ve gardened, I’ve never grown roses. Aside from the fact that I’ve never been a big fan of these flowers, I’ve never believed I could succeed with them. But after seeing how well all my mother’s roses (courtesy of me) are doing, I thought I’d give them a try and ended up bringing these home:

Time will tell whether or not my miniature roses will flourish the way my mother’s have. And if they do, perhaps I will develop a deeper affection for them and create a collection of my own. Maybe.


  1. They are gorgeous Martha !!
    I have some what of a mini type in the raised bed .. they are classed as ground cover .. but they are stunning to me .. first they come out white then age to a dusky pink .. so small but so beautiful !
    I'm sure they will be fine with a good layer of mulch around them for the winter : )

  2. Joy, I never thought I'd pick up mini roses for my garden. I'd never even considered them. But I happened to spot them at Home Depot and I just couldn't resist them. They were so healthy, so perfect, so beautiful. I'm weak, you know, when it comes to beautiful flowers :)

    Anyhow, they're here now. We'll have to learn to get along...