Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More Garden Cleanup

I don’t think there’s one gardening spot around my home that hasn’t needed to be overhauled. It’s not that this home never had any appealing landscaping; it did. The problem is that it wasn’t maintained and it slowly deteriorated.

Take for example this little section:

As you can see from the photo, whatever was growing in this little area is now dead. According to my neighbour (a sweet, friendly 88-year-old grandmother who will soon be a great-grandmother), there was something really pretty growing there, but she can’t remember what it’s called.

Whatever graced that spot is now in botanical heaven, so the only thing to do is clear that area for something else, which has been done:

I’m not sure what I want to plant in this small area (about five feet long and a foot and a half deep) that receives some afternoon sun. I’m leaning towards perennials, although not sure which ones. If anyone has any suggestions, please share them.


  1. Raspberries! LOL, all I can think about is food, but don't they need to be contained anyway? This looks like a ready built containment thingie.

    Or you could do beautiful lilies... or peonies. I'm sure others will have great suggestions.

  2. Tatiana, I love raspberries and plan to add some in the back of the house. This little contained space is in front, so flowers are my best bet. Your suggestion for lilies sounds great; they are by far my favourite flowers. I believe there should be enough sun for them. Maybe I'll just try them out and see what happens. I can always move them if they're not happy there.

  3. Hi Martha .. I have those day lilies don't forget .. but they are all yellow .. a soft yellow but yellow so I am not sure if you want to go that colour in this spot ..
    You are right not to do raspberries there .. my neighbor has them on the other side of the fence and th canes sneak through to my side (I can't tell you what I say trying to get them out of my way .. they are just as bad as thorny roses .. talk about ouch factor even with garden gloves on !!) ..
    Some suggestions .. Peony, lots of different cone flowers, Russian sage (Little Spire if you want to keep it smaller scale) colurful shrubs .. Goldmound Spirea as an example .. or Ninebarks for that dark contrast ..
    I could go on and on so I better stop ? LOL

  4. Hiya Joy! It's funny, but each area that I clear for future flowers, I'm almost reluctant to touch. Coneflowers are also another wonderful suggestion. I've been going through my gardening books for ideas and the more I read, the more difficult it gets to decide. There are so many beautiful flowers to choose from!