Friday, August 7, 2009

My Neighbour’s Daylilies In My Backyard

According to one of my neighbours to the left (the sweet, friendly 88-year-old grandmother who will soon be a great-grandmother and who also knows everything about everyone in the neighbourhood), my neighbour to the right is a very experienced and first-rate gardener. He grows a variety of things, including vegetables, and because he’s also very generous, he gives her tomatoes and other goodies from his ‘wonderful’ garden.

I have no trouble believing this because the landscaping in the front of his home, which is very impressive, was put together by him. I know this because I saw him working on it in the spring for an entire weekend. In addition, every now and then I catch a glimpse of him puttering around the front and back of his house tending to his plant kingdom. And although I can’t see all that much because there’s a high fence between our yards, I can see some of the beautiful things growing in this expert gardener’s backyard.

Like these daylilies that have pushed their lovely heads into my backyard through the fence:

Their roots may be planted firmly in my neighbour’s garden, but they prefer to have their flowers growing over on my side. I’m okay with this because they’re stunning; they are the most gorgeous daylilies I’ve ever seen with their brilliant shade of orange.

Now, I don’t know why they’ve decided to poke their lovely heads into my yard (it may be because of all the sunshine my side has to offer), I just know that ‘I gotta get me some of these’.


  1. Martha ... do you still want the day lilies I have ? .. I almost thought these ones were "Frans Hal" but all petals have the stripe .. I know I have seen that one before some where .. in any case .. I am working backwards through your blog .. leave it to me to do it that way ? Do you still want the day lilies I have I'm wondering ?

  2. Joy, the right side of my house has been reserved for your daylilies! But don't worry about it; we'll get to them when you're feeling up to it. Of course I'd love to have them, but there's no hurry; no stress!