Monday, August 17, 2009

Regular Backyard Visitors

I don’t know much about mourning doves, but it seems to me that once you show them a little hospitality, they become regular visitors. Not a day goes by that a handful of these birds (and I swear it looks like it’s the same bunch every day) drop by and hang around the backyard (for hours on end, it seems). They swim in the birdbath, they munch on seed that’s fallen from the birdfeeders and they sit in the grass (usually next to your favourite sitting areas). And they bring the entire family with them.

Here’s one of my regular backyard guests:

I guess with all the visiting, they’ve gotten used to me because they don’t scare that easily anymore. This allows me the chance to take some decent photographs of them.


  1. Looks like your backyard has become the Mourning Dove Family Resort. :-) We also have lots of Mourning Doves that hang out here, but they don't seem to be the brightest birds in the animal kingdom. The other day, I was trying to drive up my driveway, and a Mourning Dove landed right in front of my car and wouldn't move. I blew the horn, but he just waddled a few steps up the driveway so I still couldn't go. I finally had to get out of the car and shoo him away.

  2. Our "Three Stooges" .. I know .. that is a terrible thing to say about these pretty birds .. but anyways .. we have had very few visitors lately because I think the neighborhood cats have been staking out my garden .. since I have been sick I haven't been in the garden as much and they (aka cats) think they can take it over ? .. I miss seeing the birds .. I guess I'll have to try hiring a "cat chaser" ? : )

  3. Ha ha...I love that Beth! 'The Mourning Dove Family Resort' I can just imagine the doves going through brochures at the travel agency for birds and picking my place :)

    Yup, they really don't seem to be the brightest birds. It takes awhile for them to leave when you try to shoo them away, but I would at least expect that they'd move out of the way of an approaching vehicle!


    Joy, we have a cat next door that drops into my backyard once in awhile. I think I've scared it so many times that now it takes off as soon as it catches a glimpse of me. As much as I love cats, I don't want this one visiting me. There are too many birds in the backyard (because of all the feeders) and I'd hate to see one of them killed by my neighbour’s cat.