Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Simple Beauty Of White

My top two favourite flower colours for the garden are the warm shades of yellow and orange, which bring to mind words like sunshine, energy and happiness. I also find red and pink quite appealing if the tones are deep and rich. The peaceful and tranquil tones of blue – that remind me of the sky and the ocean - rank very high, although true blue flowers are often difficult to find. Purple, which can be warm and cool depending on the shade, is also on the list of favourites, although I’m particularly picky when choosing purple flowers; the colour has to be just right.

And then much to my surprise, I’ve discovered over the years that I’m very drawn to white, which blends wonderfully with all the other shades. So when I discovered a basket of white petunias, I just couldn’t resist.

Here they are:

White flowers, with their simple beauty, can be one of the most appealing additions in a garden. They are eye-catching when combined with other flowers, but just as pretty when displayed on their own.


  1. One of the things I like about white flowers is how you can see them even in dim light. They seem to glow.

  2. Beth, you're right about that. They are amazing. I never thought I'd be so fond of white flowers, but I truly am.

  3. Martha .. I am a big fan of white as well !
    I have white petunias with my red ones in the middle of each planter .. My Casa Blanca lily was beautiful this season .. so many flower heads this year .. gorgeous !
    My white lavender was a huge suprise with how pretty and full that plant became ... I do love white in the garden too !!!

  4. Joy, white flowers are a wonderful addition in the garden. They are so simple yet so elegant!