Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tune Time - Wacky Music Of The 70s

I ran across this song recently on YouTube and I swear I’ve played it 100 times since then. Not because it’s a musical masterpiece but because it brings back so many memories. Remember discotheques? (Maybe you’ve been fortunate enough to have bypassed them)

Do any of you remember this song? Do any of you want to remember it? Especially if you really, really liked it back then. And even owned a copy of the record. This is one of the ‘I can’t believe my mom and dad listened to this’ music skeletons in your closet that your kids are searching for. To poke fun at you, of course. You might want to put a lock on that door!


As wacky as it is, this song by “Rick Dees and His Cast Of Idiots” (gotta love the band’s name) became a nationwide hit by the early fall of 1976. Furthermore, it held the number one spot for an entire week in October, the number 2 spot for four consecutive weeks and stayed in the top 10 for ten weeks altogether.

You gotta love the 70s.


  1. I remember that one Martha : )
    There were so many crazy songs like this during the 70's and 80's you can't help but remember what was going on in your life during those times .. it snaps you back like a rubber band (remember Rubberband Man ?? LOL)
    Thanks for the giggles this morning girl ! : )

  2. Ha ha...yes, I remember rubberband man! That was also a funny song. I think some company used it in one of their commercials; something like that. Gotta love both those decades!