Monday, August 10, 2009

The Woodpecker Comes To Visit

On Saturday, I spotted a woodpecker hanging off the peanut feeder. I grabbed my camera, quietly stepped out into the backyard, and slowly, ever so slowly so as not to frighten him, snapped photos as I inched my way closer to him (or her). He didn’t seem too concerned about me or the fact that I was moving closer, and had it not been for the &$^$#& red-winged blackbird that suddenly swooped in and startled him enough to make him take off, I might have had a chance at a closer, better photograph.

In any case, this is the best I can do with an older camera at quite a few feet away:

I have never in my entire life seen a woodpecker, so you can imagine how ecstatic I was when this one dropped by for a visit. For those of you who have seen woodpeckers many times, this is (yawn) no big deal. But for us deprived souls, it’s a monumental moment.

Now I’m not sure which one it is but it looks like it’s either a Downy woodpecker or a Hairy woodpecker. The little dude didn’t stick around long enough for me to snap some decent photographs. Now I know the quality of the image is not the best, but if anyone has an idea what type of woodpecker this is, please leave a comment.


  1. We always watch the woodpeckers in the garden. They are such acrobats on the feeders. I'm so glad you have one visit your garden, and now it will probably come back time and again for your viewing pleasure.

  2. They always remind me of clockwork toys when they run up tree trunks. Very entertaining birds.

  3. Crafty Gardener, you are probably right! My husband caught a glimpse of the little cutie again the next day, on a tree near our house. I sure hope he becomes a regular visitor!

  4. LOL...that's a funny way to describe them easygardener...but so accurate! I hope to catch a glimpse of more of them now that the peanut feeder has been discovered. I put out suet as well for the birds, which I think they enjoy, so maybe they'll hang around.

  5. Although we do have a local one that I hear more often than see, it is always a thrill when I do catch a glimpse.

    Good job getting a picture!

  6. Thanks garden ms. s... I only wish that the woodpecker would have stuck around a little longer for more photos. It truly is a thrill to catch sight of one of these interesting birds.