Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Delightful Visit To Joy’s Garden

One of the greatest things about living in Kingston, Ontario is that I’m in the same city as one of the most talented gardeners who also happens to be one of the nicest people I’ve ever had the good fortune to meet. Lucky me.

And who is this cool garden dudette, you ask?

Well, if you haven’t guessed already, I’ll tell you. Her name is Joy and she is the author of the blog "Canadian Garden Joy".

For those of you who follow her blog and have wondered what her garden is like in real time, I’m here to tell you that it’s beautiful. That’s right ladies and gentlemen; I had the pleasure of seeing it in person. I went over to her house last week and saw ‘the garden’ with my own two eyes. And to top it all off, I even got to meet ‘the girls’.

Now I know you’re probably green with envy, so I took some pictures to share my privileged visit with you.

Beautiful flowers:

Gorgeous displays:

Stunning foliage:

Recognize these fellas?

How about this playhouse?

Let’s not forget the girls. Emma always stared straight at the camera. I found her to be quite bold. Sophie never once looked at the camera. She seemed a little more reserved. Both furry girls followed Joy around the house and plunked themselves down right next to her every time. I could swear they were acting as bodyguards. And both furry girls have the most amazingly soft fur. (What the heck are you feeding them Joy?)

Joy’s garden even attracts cute little critters:

While walking around her backyard, Joy stressed to me that I was visiting when her garden is at its worst. Huh? If this is what it looks like at its worst, which looks pretty darn good to me, I can’t image how awesome it must be at its best.

Joy’s garden is beautiful and I’m thrilled that I had the opportunity to visit it!


  1. well, joy's garden is exquisite. i am feeling jealous. echinacea and black eyed susans are specially looking lovely. thanks for sharing her cute garden with us.

  2. Joy's garden is indeed lovely. Like Muhammad Khabbab, I'm a bit jealous. Looks like she has two green thumbs. :-)

    I'm also a little jealous to think of all those plants from her garden that she'll no doubt share with you---passalong plants are the BEST.

  3. My goodness Martha ! I am just seeing this now (you know how that Adult "ADD" works on us .. look at one thing get distracted by another .. bang ! lose our concentration and it goes on and on right ? haha) YES ! my garden is in chaos girl the loose bricks .. the ugly wooden border ties .. when is that company coming to brick me up !! haha .. the pictures came out great girl !
    You are right about Sophie .. she doesn't like her picture taken (like me .. we are both conscious about our weight gain issues ? haha)
    Emma on the other hand is a bold cat walk girl and loves all the attention ? hehehe
    ell we know my lack of a post is due to the fact I forget to bring my camera ?? jeez !!
    Bailey would have been the star of my post now that she has me under her little ferret spell .. but next time for sure .. because that back garden view has me so JEALOUS !!! it is beautiful !!
    Thanks for such a wonderful post girl : )
    I appreciate it and like it was said .. pass a long plants will abound !! LOL

  4. You were certainly very lucky getting to visit Joy's garden and meet the 'girls' and the 'boys in the hood'.

  5. Hi Muhammad, Joy's garden really is lovely. I'm so glad I took my camera along that day to take some photos. Her garden is beautiful and so is she!

    Hey Beth! I think all of Joy's fingers are green. Perhaps it's her enthusiasm that makes her garden thrive. She is very generous too; she is already planning to give me plants. I just hope that by next fall, I'll have some nice things from my own garden to share with her!

    Hiya Joy! I TOLD you the pictures would come out really nice. You worried for nothing. Your garden is beautiful. Hey, I share that adult ADD, which I'm sure you noticed that day. My mind tends to be all over the place!

    Anyhow, we'll do it again some time and you can take shots of Bailey. And next spring? Can't wait to be coached by you about the best places in Kingston for plants!

    Crafty gardener, I was thrilled to see Joy's garden and to meet the 'girls' and the 'boys in the hood'. It's almost surreal to visit someone in real time when you've been visiting their blog for so long. Yes, bloggers are real people...:)

  6. Those cats in the sun is what I want to be when I grow up! And the garden does look very nice. Maybe one day mine will look as good as Joy's at her worst.... :)

  7. Well it looks like you have a nice garden to "look-up to"!
    Very beautiful, I love when there are little hidden goodies (i.e. lanterns, elves and other creatures) in gardens. Makes them so unique!

  8. Me too Tatiana! Cats seem to have the best life of all... I wouldn't mind basking in the sun while someone else caters to my needs :)


    Hiya pale gardener. Joy's garden is definitely one to look up to! It's very pretty and there are hidden treasures all around. It's fun to stroll through and to take pictures of.