Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happiness is…

...a hammock of one’s own...

Isn’t our sweet Bailey the cutest? And what’s especially great about her is that she sleeps about 18 hours a day. Talk about a low-maintenance pet...


  1. She really does look so cozy and comfortable...and cute. I had no idea that ferrets slept so much---or is that just because she's a baby?

  2. Beth, from my understanding, ferrets in general sleep for at least 15 hours a day, usually more. It may be possible that Bailey sleeps even more because she's still a baby, but I think she'll still sleep like a champ even when she's older.

  3. oh geez! My heart melts for any furry, cute, little cuddly creature! She is adorable, who knew a ferret would be such a great pet!? I might just have to get a friend for my pet bunny. ;) I wonder how they do with other pets? Any experience?

  4. Hi pale gardener! Yes, ferrets make good pets; most people don't know much about them (that would have been me up until a few months ago), so ferrets are not exactly a first choice.

    Even though ferrets have been domesticated for 2000 years (maybe more), there is always the possibility that their instincts will kick in, which is their hunter mode. They are carnivores and one of their prey is RABBITS! It's possible that nothing will happen but I wouldn't take a chance at putting a ferret and rabbit together. So please, don't do it!