Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Happy Coneflower

There’s nothing more gratifying in the garden than thriving plants. And lately, with the warm sunny days and cool nights that we’ve been experiencing, the few flowering plants that I have growing in my garden have been blissfully happy. Take for example a coneflower that went from this...

...to this...

...to this:

This plant (that was given to me by my dear friend Joy) is growing so happily in my backyard that I’m going to miss seeing it blooming under my kitchen window when the winter arrives. Thankfully, it’s a perennial, which means it’ll be back next spring and I’ll get to enjoy it all over again.


  1. Good Morning Martha girl !
    No worries with this one .. you are going to have a nice big plant next year and will be able to cut flowers from it for a little bouquet indoors too : ) They have a wonderful scent to them, which is another PLUS : ) I know it is in a VERY good home and will be VERY happy : )
    PS .. Did you have a thick blanket of fog this morning ? Wow ! we DID !!

  2. That is indeed a happy and lovely coneflower. I have one like it, only mine is looking a bit tired and brown around the edges now. I love it when the goldfinches perch on the top to eat the seeds.

  3. Hiya Joy! I am really looking forward to next year because in addition to this little plant getting nice and big and providing me with cut flowers, I have many gardening sections to plant in! Can you say ex-ci-ting!

    Yup, we did have a thick blanket of fog in the morning. It was amazing!


    Hi Beth, I've also had the pleasure of watching goldfinches perch on top of this plant to eat the seeds. It's such a joy to watch!


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