Friday, September 4, 2009

If You Bribe Him, He Will Come

I really enjoy the little critters that show up in my backyard that, let’s face it, wouldn’t show up if it wasn’t for all the goodies I offer to bribe them into showing up. And one of the little dudes that can be easily bribed with goodies is this little guy:

Isn’t that the cutest pose?

This little chipmunk (I’m convinced it’s the same one all the time) is becoming more and more comfortable around me as the weeks pass. He’s reached the point where he’ll come within four feet of me without batting a furry eye. Sometimes, while I’m watering my flowers, he’ll bounce right by me, plant his little behind close by and watch me. He’s obviously there to admire my supreme gardening skills. Smart fella.

Okay, okay, I’m not being entirely truthful here.

This is the real reason for his boldness:

What chipmunk can resist a handful of peanuts?


  1. Martha .. we don't have these little guys at my end of town .. just the annoying as all get out squirrel mafia ! Darn !!
    These guys can't help being too cute and ready for those hand outs : )
    Great picture and what a pose he did for you ! LOL

  2. He sure is, wiseacre. Wherever food is involved, he's there.


    Joy, that's very interesting (that you don't have chipmunks in your end of town). Is there something that's scaring them off. Or perhaps you just haven't seen any? But these guys are not very shy, so if they were around, I'm sure you would have noticed them.