Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Look What The Debit Card Dragged In

People like me should not take along a debit card when heading out to places that sell plants or plant-type merchandise or anything remotely relating to plants or gardening. Better yet, people like me shouldn’t even have a debit card. Or a credit card. Or even cash.

Because if people like me end up in a place that sells plants or plant-type merchandise or anything remotely relating to plants or gardening and we have a debit card or a credit card of cash in our possession at that very moment, BAM, we end up taking home a plant or plant-type merchandise or something relating to plants or gardening.

Like spring bulbs!

Yes folks, I did it. I went out yesterday, like I said I would, and picked up some spring bulbs. And for those of you who are curious, this is what I got:

And despite the fact that I had a debit card and some cash on me, I wasn’t that bad. I managed to stick to only two types of spring flowers, give or take ten bulbs. The daffodils went without saying; I was definitely going to pick some up. But the tulips are a different story. I had no intention on buying tulip bulbs. In fact, tulips are not even on my list of favourites. I mean they’re really nice and all. And I don’t dislike them or anything. They just don’t do much for me. Whenever I see them, I always think “Meh. They’re okay” I think they’re overused and overrated. Of course, that’s just my personal opinion. In any case, I prefer daffodils, as common as they may be.

“So then why did you buy some tulip bulbs, water roots lady?”

Because I’ve never grown tulips. Yes, that’s the reason. It’s not a very good reason to pick up bulbs, especially when they’re not even favourites, but I’m really curious to try my hand at them.

Look at the bright side; I may learn to appreciate tulips a lot more when they thrive under my care. If they fail, well, that’s a different story.


  1. wow i am sure you will be excited growing these pretty bulbs. I also get carried away when i see in fall all the alluring spring bulbs. We grow paperwhite narcissus easily however tulips are difficult to grow in our plains. best of luck with the bulbs.

  2. We have voles down here that snack on bulbs, so I'm able to resist those. But perennials are a different story altogether. When our local home improvement store had a sale on perennials, I went just to "look." But somehow, 12 plants found their way into my cart...

  3. You bet I’m excited, Muhammad! I was reluctant to pick some up because my garden is not really ready for them yet, but I really wanted to see some spring flowers next year. In any case, I didn’t buy that many, so it’ll just be a little touch of colour. Thanks for the good wishes; I hope the bulbs do well!

    Hiya Beth! I don’t have too many critters hanging around to snack on the bulbs, but squirrels can be a real problem. From my understanding, though, they don’t like daffodil and tulip bulbs. I hope so, anyway. It’ll be nice to see some spring flowers.

    It’s such a mystery how whenever we go just to ‘look’, new plants somehow find their way in our garden. I suspect it’s shopping cart stowaways just looking for a loving home. How can you turn them away once they’ve followed you home? :)

  4. Ummm I did one worse... I logged onto www.veseys.com (cause I'm an idiot who doesn't know better) and opened the fall planting tab.

    Eighty dollars later... I got jonquils, daffodils, lilies, some other stuff... that site is lethal to me, lethal!

  5. Oh my Tatiana...that is scary! LOL... Well, that's one place I won't be visiting for sure. Or I hope not. I'm so terribly tempted. I was worried that the spring bulb fever (madness) would hit me. Sure enough, it did...

    Have fun with all those bulbs! At the very least you'll have lots of beautiful flowers in the spring!