Monday, September 14, 2009

Marigolds Are Still Going Strong

The glorious weather continues here in Kingston, Ontario with warm, sunny days and cool, clear nights. Some of the garden plants are suffering with the drop in temperature at night while others are thriving in it. My marigolds in particular are ecstatic about the recent weather. Here are some photos:

It will be sad to watch these lovely plants decline when it begins to get very cold. They have been eagerly producing beautiful flowers since the day I planted them and they are one of the few annuals still going strong. I hope that the temperature continues to stay within a range that is satisfactory to them, so I can continue to enjoy their lovely blooms.

I honestly believe that marigolds aren’t appreciated as much as they should be. They grow quickly, they age well, they’re sturdy and dependable, they mix well with other plants, they bloom non-stop, they require very little care and they’re reasonably priced. What more can you ask for?

Now go outside and give your marigolds a hug to let them know how much you appreciate them!

You don’t have any marigolds? Then hug the ones in your neighbour’s garden. They’re probably unappreciated too!


  1. You speak truth. I understand why some people might not want to deal with them: the smell is kind of noxious. But almost everything I planted outside disappointed me this year, and marigolds were one of the few exceptions. (The others I was happy with: Pulmonaria, pineapple sage, Scaveola, Portulaca, Sempervivum, and one of the coleuses.) Bah humbug on this outdoor stuff, I say.

  2. I love everything in marygolds, even their strong smell, it reminds me of my childhood. Yesterday, I saw several new plants, they grow near their mother plants!

  3. I don't have any! But there's always next year. In fact I've got very few annuals in my garden, make that none. If it's not perennial - well I haven't planted anything new that's for sure. But I do love marygolds and it would be great with all current flowers.

  4. Marigolds are under-rated by many gardeners. I've cultivated a like for them, as I was one of those gardeners. I know they are glad you will miss them.

  5. Mr. S., the smell is quite intense and you either hate it or love it. Okay, maybe not love it. But tolerate it? I like outdoor gardening but it's been awhile and I'm really rusty. And the weeds? Hate them. They're evil. Now I understand the need for mulch.

    Tatyana, me too! They remind me of my childhood as well. My marigolds have grown huge since I planted them. It'll be a shame to see them go. Next spring I will definitely pick up some more.

    Tatiana, these are great for the garden. They're fantastic companion plants. And they can be used to add colour to any sunny spot.

    Mary Delle, these plants really are under-rated. I'm always drawn to them at the garden centers. The flower colours are very pretty.


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