Friday, September 11, 2009

Most Kids Ask For A Dog...

...or a cat. Or even a turtle. Not my kid. My kid asked for a ferret. Most of you have been introduced to Bailey the ferret in a previous post, so you already know how the little fluff of fur came to be in our home.

But that’s not what I’m here to write about. What I’m here to write about is that if someone had told me pre-Bailey that I would adore my daughter’s pet ferret if she ever got a pet ferret, I would have said “What? A ferret? No way” Well, I take back those words because they would have been right. Not that I ever said those words to have to take them back. But I take them back anyway because that’s what I would have said had someone told me that I would adore my daughter’s pet ferret if she ever got a pet ferret. Which now she has. And now I adore.

I’m spinning around in circles here with a lot of gibberish, aren’t I? (It’s a great way to increase the word count on your post with very little effort. How much effort does it take to write up something that is filled with babble? Ooooh...sneaky...and smart)


So now our lives include Bailey and I can honestly say that they’ll never be the same. At least not for another 6 – 10 years, which is, more or less, how long a ferret will live. Now, most of you are probably thinking: “What is this woman yapping about? Her life will never be the same? What does her life have to do with her daughter’s pet?”


Well, I’ll tell you.

While my daughter is in school, I take care of Bailey, so my day is affected. Not that a pet ferret needs that much care. I mean they sleep a lot. And I’m talking Olympic gold medal champion type of sleep. Not that there’s anything wrong with a lot of sleep, be it for ferrets or humans. In fact, I know many people (and I won’t name names or point fingers at anyone in particular, not even my husband who can probably give Bailey a run for her money when it comes to champion sleeping, especially on Sundays...OOPS...I did point someone out after all…Oh well).

Alright, enough. All I wanted to do was post this picture of Bailey:

And to say that she’s quiet, adorable, gentle, playful and a champion sleeper, which works well for me on days that I have enough to do.

I still want a dog though. Maybe after Christmas. Then we’ll see how interesting life will get.


  1. Bailey looks so sweet and adorable. I've never heard about like with a ferret, so it an education.

  2. Oh what a cutie! I betcha I could give him a run for his money in the sleeping department too, oh yes I could.

    Funny, we too are contemplating a dog this year, sometime, what breed are you thinking of? Will he try to eat the ferret? :)

    Oh gosh, here I have to plug my favorite dog book in the world: A Dog Year by Jon Katz. I love and adore that book, and have given it as a Christmas gift, it is that good.

  3. I can say whole heartedly that Bailey is such a sweetheart ! .. I can't believe I didn't bring my camera with me yesterday Martha .. I'm still kicking myself over THAT !!
    Hey .. did you happen to find a gold hoop earring anywhere there .. I got home and had ONE earring in (crazy lady has one earring in ??).. George must have wondered about that too ? LOL
    Joy : )

  4. Oh my goodness...Bailey is absolutely adorable. No wonder you love her. And I love that picture---I didn't even know that ferrets were cuddly.

    I can't wait to see your new dog and Bailey together. That should be a LOT of fun. :-)

  5. May Delle, Bailey is very sweet. She has a gentle nature and she is very affectionate. I had no idea what Ferrets were like before her; she's not your typical pet, that's for sure. I’m learning as I go along and I will post things about her from time to time. It may prove to be useful for individuals that are contemplating getting a ferret.

    Tatiana, she really is cute. She has a sweet-looking face that you can't help but adore.

    My favourite dog breeds are Border collie and Siberian husky. I adore both but haven't decided yet which one I prefer. I may end up getting something entirely different since we're planning to pick up a dog at the humane society and I'm a sucker for the "please take me home" types. You know which ones I mean. The type that does something really cute when you visit the shelter, which ends up winning you over. They adopt you instead of you adopting them.

    Hey, thanks for the book suggestion. I'm also a sucker for something good to read.

    Joy, I'm happy you got a chance to meet Bailey. Next time you might want to hold her. She's so cuddly and so soft. And despite the fur and all, she's so tiny. And not to worry; there'll definitely be a next time where you can bring your camera and take lots of pictures.

    Sorry, I didn't find an earring anywhere but I'll keep a lookout. I'll also check around the outside of the home, especially in the back. I'll take a peak around the grass in the back just in case it fell in there. I'll let you know if I find anything.

    Beth, Bailey is just the sweetest thing. I had no idea either that ferrets could be so cuddly and so much fun. I had read about all that on the internet from other ferret owners and from ferret information sites, but until she came along, there really was no way to know for sure.

    When I do finally get a dog, it should be a lot of fun. Although, I will definitely supervise at all times. A dog could very easily hurt a small animal like a ferret if it gets overexcited while they're playing together. So I'll make sure to keep an eye on both of them.

  6. Oh by the way Joy, George really liked you! I know he'd just met you but he has a good sense of people. I've told him a lot of good things about you and he trusts my judgment. He’s looking forward, he said, to meeting both you and John at our place at some point to hang out and just have fun. Me too.


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