Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Pretty Surprise In My Garden

Yesterday, I spent a considerable amount of time in the backyard catching up on some outdoor chores. My bird feeders needed seed, the birdbaths needed cleaning, the flowers needed deadheading and all the greenery - be it in the ground or in containers - needed watering. This was especially true of the grass that was extremely dry due to lack of rain.

The outdoor responsibilities took longer than I anticipated because I’d neglected them for a few days. I’m usually on top of things, indoors and out, but, for many reasons that I don’t feel like listing right now, I’d fallen behind. The flowers beneath the kitchen window were the last thing I tended to, which was nice because I was surprised by this:

This is Anemone sylvestris, a plant that goes by the common name of ‘snowdrop anemone’, that Joy from ”Garden Joy 4 Me” had given me, amongst other things, in a ‘welcome to Kingston’ gift package when I met her for the first time back in July.

I planted the lovely snowdrop a couple of days after meeting with Joy and, aside from it growing a little bigger, I didn’t expect much else from it. After all, it’s expected to bloom in late spring and early summer. So imagine my surprise – and delight – yesterday when I found flowers on it. Hey, I’m not complaining; I’ll take whatever I can get before the cold season kicks in.


  1. OMG !!! Martha !
    I can't believe it has bloomed again for you like this .. I have not seen one of this type do that before .. mine has been snoring for ages which is normal .. so what the heck are you doing over there woman ? ... I have still not watered my poor desert here .. I feel VERY guilty .. but I am struggling with this infection .. I'm going to be as soon as I finish typing up the WOW !! on the bloom girl : )
    Thanks again for the link with me .. I just put up a putter post .. meaning not point really, just some putter pictures ? haha
    Congrats on the little beauty !!
    Joy : )
    How is Bailey ? .. the girls say hi ! haha

  2. Joy, isn't it wonderful? I was stunned when I saw these flowers. I wasn't expecting anything from this plant until spring. It really was a nice surprise. And this is one of the babies that you gave me as a gift, so THANK YOU again!


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