Saturday, September 5, 2009

Seven Things You Don’t Know About Me

My dear friend Joy over at 'Garden Joy 4 Me' dragged me out of my hiding place kicking and screaming invited me to write a few things about myself. So here goes:

1) I’m an insatiable ‘bookaholic’. I’ve been reading neurotically since I was in first grade. I also have a substantial collection of books that I keep adding new titles to. I have no self-control when it comes to buying books, no matter where I find them. Here’s an example of my inability to resist: at the local library, where I recently went to make a membership, I managed to locate a shelf with books for sale. I ended up buying three paperbacks. And didn’t check out any. I obviously need help. I mean, what kind of person buys books at a library?

2) My absolute favourite candy in the whole wide entire world is peanut M&M’s. I also like them cold, so I keep them in the fridge until I’m ready to devour them. But since they’re jam-packed with calories, I only treat myself to a bag of these once in awhile, every few months or so. Yes, I do have that type of discipline.

3) I have two older brothers; one is 4 years older than me, the other is only 11 months older. The younger of the two and I were the best of friends as children and totally inseparable. We spent a lot of time together and never fought. And not only did we do almost everything together, we also copied one another in every way. For example: if he left three peas on his plate at supper, I did too. If I wanted to drink my milk with a straw, so did he. My mother says it was the cutest thing.

4) I speak Greek. My knowledge of it is not very sophisticated (more of an elementary school level) but I am able to hold a simple, basic conversation. I can read and write the language as well, but very poorly. Both my brothers also speak basic Greek, and although we always speak English with each other, we have been known to use the Greek language between us in public areas when we want to share private information that we don’t want anyone to understand, assuming, of course, that the people around us don’t speak Greek.

5) I am a descendant of Greeks, which explains my ability to speak the language. My mother came to Canada in 1957 and my father joined her in 1960; they were married a few months after my dad’s arrival. (Incidentally, although quite exaggerated, the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” is fairly accurate in depicting Greek families. Except for the Windex. Greeks do not use Windex neurotically)

6) When I was a little girl, my father used to surprise me with an Aero chocolate bar now and then after he came home from work; this absolutely delighted me. Years later, he did the same thing with my two daughters when he popped in for a visit; it was endearing to watch their faces light up the way mine did when I was a child. And once in awhile, just to remind me that I was still his little girl no matter how old I got, my father would show up with a chocolate bar for me as well, which made his granddaughters laugh. Obviously, I can never look at an Aero chocolate bar without thinking about my father, who I miss terribly since he passed away 2½ years ago.

7) I’ve known my best friend since we were in kindergarten. We went to elementary school together, as well as high school and college. She’s one of the few people that know my entire life’s history. The earliest memory I have of her is of the two of us making mud pies in my room.

Incidentally, here is the recipe for mud pies, in case anyone is interested:

Mix ½ a cup of mud with a ¼ cup of water until smooth and pour into a toy pie plate. Sprinkle with lots of giggles and oodles of childhood imagination, and place in a pretend oven (a windowsill will do) to bake. Pretend pie will be done when laughter subsides and you’re ready to move onto the next imaginary game.

So there you have it folks; seven things you didn’t know about me but now you do. When I first started working on this post, I thought it was going to be tough. It proved to be quite simple.

Anyhow, enough about me. Let’s move on to the seven people that I’m going to tag to write a little something about themselves.

1) Let’s start with Beth, the talented and inspirational writer and photographer of the 'Blue Ridge Blue Collar Girl' blog. Drop by and visit her site; you’ll be amazed.

2) Mr. Subjunctive, one of my favourite bloggers who is not only a terrific writer but a very entertaining one as well. In addition, his 'Plants Are The Strangest People' blog is also very educational. You’ll really enjoy this man’s style.

3) Mr. Brown Thumb, another talented and very informative writer who shares invaluable information on two blogs that I visit regularly: 1) 'Chicago Garden' and 2) 'MrBrownThumb'.

4) Tatiana from 'Life In Cowtown' (I love the title of her blog!), who is an extremely talented and entertaining writer. I always look forward to reading her new posts.

5) Jesska, a young, sweet girl living in New York who writes interesting and entertaining posts on her blog, 'The Pale Gardener'. She hasn’t been around the blogging world very much lately, but I hope to see (read) more of her in the future.

6) My next choice was going to be Linda from 'Crafty Gardener', but she’s already been tagged by Joy. Perhaps when she writes a few things about herself, originally meant for Joy, they can be counted here as well; sort of a ‘kill two requests with one post’ type of thing.

7) And finally, I’d like to tag Benjamin Vogt, a very engaging and entertaining writer. His blog ‘The Deep Middle' is definitely worth a visit.

I’m not going to personally contact these people to let them know that they’ve been tagged; this will give them the opportunity to feign ignorance if they don’t feel like doing this. Are you listening nominees? All you have to do is pretend you never saw this post.


  1. Martha girl .. I have one question ... well I always have way more than one question but it is better if I just ask one here .. the others can be in person ? LOL
    How on earth were you able to bring in dirt or mud-to-be, into your room without your mom going crazy ?? .. that was too funny !
    I love the story of your dad with the Aero bar .. that was a wonderful memory to have of you dad : )
    Linda (Crafty) bowed ? out because she, like I am supposed to be .. ops out of these things .. I do too but Racquel totally caught me off guard .. I'm going to get her for that ! haha
    Thanks for being a good sport about it .. you did the same thing I did .. it was totally "freebie" to the choices ?
    Joy ;-)

  2. Interesting post. What happy memories of your Father I anm sure he is sadly missed.

  3. Well, Martha...since I read ALL your posts (albeit a bit late sometimes), I don't think I can pretend I didn't see this. :-) I'm not sure I'll do it because I'm a little uncertain as to whether I could think of seven things about me that are as interesting as yours. But I appreciate your tagging me, and I really enjoyed reading your seven things. I, too, am a bookoholic, and I'd have to confess that I, too, have bought books at our library without checking any out. I loved your memory of your Dad and the chocolate bars he used to bring you. I'm so sorry he passed away---I know you must all miss him a lot. It's a wonderful thing, though, that your daughters got a chance to know their Grandpa.

  4. Joy, that's funny! And it's a good question. I have no idea how on earth we snuck dirt into the house. I can't remember, but I would assume that she was busy doing mom things and didn't catch us.

    I know about Linda bowing out; she let me know. But I don't mind. I didn't expect anyone to do this. It's optional. Or totally 'freebie' as you say.


    Joanne, thanks for stopping by and reading my post. I don't have the most exciting life on earth but there are some interesting moments. And yes, my father is sadly missed; he was such a good man.


    Beth, not to worry. I love the articles your write; this 'stuff about me' type addition is not necessary. I included you because you're one of my favourite writers/bloggers/photographers.

    Thanks for your kind words about my father. We miss him all the time but we have wonderful memories of him. And I'm so grateful that my daughters had a chance to meet him. Nothing like a warm and loving grandfather to create memories with.

  5. What a neat idea! And thank you for thinking of lil' ol' me! I'll be sure to write a "7 things" about myself very soon!
    BTW, for the record, I have a new post up. ;) Pics of the new babe and all!

  6. Hi pale gardener, it's nice to have you back! I can't wait to read some interesting things about you. And I will definitely pop over to your blog as soon as I get a chance to check out the new baby!

  7. Thanks for the heads up - I was going to willfully ignore it, but since I read everything too, I have no excuse. Bah humbug! :)

  8. Sorry Tatiana! But I do look forward to reading what you will post. So maybe I'm not that sorry? :)

  9. I'm feigning away! Can I really do that? And can I be honored anyway even if I feign like no one has feigned before? :)

  10. Benjamin, I think it's safe to say that after over a year, you can pretend you never saw this post and totally ignore it! I won't tell anyone you were here :)