Friday, September 18, 2009

Under The Maple Tree (cont’d)

Okay, so awhile back I wrote about the cleanup under the maple tree that went from this:

To this:

Well, what I failed to include on my blog is what happened after that. That’s what I’m going to write about today.

First, we (my other half and I) added some grass seed:

Then we topped it off with some soil so the birds wouldn’t eat the seed before it sprouted (are we smart or what?):

It ended up looking like this:

A few days later, baby grass began to grow and the area under the maple tree (after a few weeks) now looks like this:

Not bad, eh?

We will be adding some more grass seed to fill up the remaining bare patches, but we might not get to that until the spring. In any case, at least the major part of the job is finished.


  1. It looks wonderful---you did well to grow such gorgeous grass in the shade!

  2. Hi Beth, the grass under the maple tree is doing very well. It looks so young, if that's possible in grass. I'm so glad that area is finished. It was a real pain getting those bushes out.

  3. I love that fresh green look of newly grown grass.
    BTW, you do have a lot of bird feeders in your garden. You must be getting a lot of feathered company!

  4. I love that look too, Sunita. The new grass really does look much younger than the rest.

    And you're right. I have quite a few bird feeders in my garden. There is a lot of feathery activity in the back, for sure, but now that autumn is here and winter is on its way, there aren't as many different types of birds coming in. Some have already started to migrate to warmer regions. It's sad to see them go but they'll be back in the spring!

  5. You did an excellent job! You'd never know the bare area was ever there. :)

  6. Thanks nancybond! I've spent a lot of time cleaning up the garden and totally exhausted myself. But it's been worth it. Next year, all the planting areas will be ready for flowers and plants!

  7. That's an awesome technique - I'm totally adopting that for next year.

  8. Hey Tatiana, I won't take credit for all this. Hubby helped me a lot, and he suggested topping off the freshly-planted grass seed with soil so the birds wouldn't eat it. He's a great help in the garden, especially when it comes to digging up things - like big, horrible bushes! :)