Thursday, September 3, 2009

Well, would ya looky here… what’s flowering.

Why is this so special?

Well, this is the Asclepias tuberosa that was brutally yanked out of the ground by a plant-clueless, well-meaning husband (he was kindly removing weeds from one of the flower beds) and ruthlessly tossed into a yard waste bag where it was later (frantically) retrieved from by said well-meaning husband after his startled wife exclaimed “OHMYGOD! WHERE IS MY BUTTERFLY-ATTRACTING LITTLE PLANT?”

Remember that story?


As you know, after the discarded little perennial was frantically retrieved from the yard waste bag by the plant-clueless but well-meaning husband, the startled wife replanted it, watered it and said a prayer to the plant gods.

And it looks like her prayers were answered. In a good way. Because the question that had been asked during that fretful moment was: Will the Asclepias tuberosa that was planted again into the ground by the startled wife as her plant-clueless, well-meaning husband watched apologetically survive?

The answer is: Sure looks like it.

Not only did the little perennial that had brutally yanked out of the ground by a plant-clueless but well-meaning husband survive the trauma and the replanting. It looks like it’s thriving.

You gotta love those plant gods.

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