Tuesday, October 6, 2009

And So It Is Done

I’d rather be planting flowers than emptying out containers, but since I can’t control the seasons or the weather, I don’t have much of a choice. Mother Nature still rules.

The containers that once boasted beautiful petunias and amazing geraniums are now empty. Isn’t the photo below depressing?

I even had to say goodbye to my angels and my garden fairy:

Everything is getting stored in the shed where it will be protected from the harsh winter. (I haven’t told the angels and the fairy that their winter sanctuary is unheated, but I’m sure they’ll forgive me by the time the spring arrives.)

Even the tools have a little spot, although they’re still being used to finish cleaning up and preparing the garden for the winter.

There are still a few items to put in storage like our patio set, the hose, the storage bench, the barbecue and so on, which will get done over a period of a few weeks. I think the last thing to go will be the barbecue. That’s something that we’ll hold onto for as long as possible. For obvious reasons.

It really saddens me to see the garden season coming to an end.

Is it spring yet?



  1. No, wait: don't tell me. I don't think my heart can take it.

  2. But -- indoor plants! There are still indoor plants! Have you gone over to the dark, outdoorsy side already? Or did you secretly want to be an outdoor gardener all along?

  3. That IS a bit sad, especially the little squirrel (at least I think it's a squirrel) lying on its side beside the empty pots in the top photo. Good to know that the fairy and angels will be watching over the sad little squirrel in the shed until spring returns. :-)

  4. Not to worry, Mr. S. Indoor gardening still rules. And while I do hope to conquer both of my gardening kingdoms, indoors and out, I live in Canada, which means outdoor gardening is a very short season. Very short. So it would be a little silly to give up the indoor part, which brings me botanical joy year round.

    Yup, that's a squirrel, Beth. It's my favourite one because it was the best behaved in the garden; never touched the bird feeders :~)

    I also put away my turtle and frog, also well behaved :0

  5. What a very, very tidy garden shed. I would hate to show anyone mine. My garden is in Owen Sound, while I live in a condo in Toronto. I guess I know what I will be doing this weekend. It is always sad to put the garden to bed.

  6. Hi Deborah, it's true, our shed is very tidy. But we just moved into this house at the end of June and it's actually quite empty; eventually we'll load it up with junk, turn it upside down and feel more in tune with the rest of the gardening world...:)

  7. You do have a long winter that far north, don't you? It can be a little hard to say good bye to all the flowers and greenery. Hope your indoor plants help.

  8. Hi Mary Delle, yes our winters are terribly long. Some are milder than others, but still, they're all long. The hardest part is all the lack of greenery outside for months on end. It's a sad sight. Thank heavens for indoor plants!