Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Bulbs Are All Tucked In

Well, it’s October folks, which means that we are on our way to Thanksgiving (second Monday in October for Canadians), daylight savings time (I’m not a big fan of this. Dark at 4:30 PM? No thanks) and Halloween (a really cool event). October also makes two things official: 1) the fall season is really, really here and 2) winter is on its way. There’s no stopping it now.

Albert Camus once said that “autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower” and I agree with him - sometimes. You see, the fall seasons that I experience are very unpredictable, differing from year to year. Some years it’s a little warmer, sunnier, more pleasant, encouraging you to get out in the cool, crisp air to enjoy the splash of colour and the crunching of bright red, gold and yellow-toned leaves beneath your shoes. Other years aren’t as pleasant. That’s when – for weeks on end - you find yourself plowing through rain on bitterly cold days, all the while praying that your umbrella doesn’t invert in the strong wind. And the leaves? Bah! They’re plastered all over the wet sidewalks and they don’t crunch; they just stick to your shoes.

So it can go either way. Delightful and inspiring. Or bitter and wearisome.

I’m not entirely sure where we’re headed this year. The month of September, aside from the last few days, was magical: warm and sunny during the day; cool and comfortable at night. We couldn’t have asked for a better end to what was mostly a mediocre summer.

October arrived with rain and bitter cold, which I hope is not an indication of what this year’s autumn season has in store for us. That’s silly, of course, since it’s only the first day of the month. For all I know, the weather may (magically) improve and bless us with warmer temperatures and plenty of sunshine. One can onlyhope.

In the meantime, and in case the weather continues to deteriorate, I made sure to get my newly-acquired tulip and daffodil bulbs into the ground. Yesterday, between spurts of rain, I prepared the planting area and tucked them all in.

“Did you take pictures of your bulb planting experience, water roots lady?

But of course...

This looks like a good spot:

Prepare the soil (no, I’m not left-handed; the right hand was busy with the camera):

Add a little bonemeal:

Plant the bulbs (alright, maybe I shouldn’t have lined them up like soldiers...):

Tuck them in; cover them up with soil:

All done. Now, sleep well my babies. And please sprout in the spring. I haven’t planted bulbs in over 14 years, and never planted tulips, so I’m very excited about this...


  1. Daylight Saving Time is evil and pointless. I wish I knew how to end it.

  2. Me too, Mr. too...sigh...

  3. I do hope your weather turns lovely for October, without the frost. I'd hate to see those bright, pretty marigolds turn brown. You've made a nice little winter bed for your bulbs---I feel sure they'll reward you for it in the spring! :-)

  4. I certainly hope so, Beth. And the longer the cold takes to arrive, the shorter the winter season will be. We have terribly long winters as it is without October contributing to it. It will be really sad to see the marigolds die when the frost hits. They've been amazing and I'd love for them to keep on growing for a little while longer. They are taking over the garden!

  5. I know how you feel about the unpredictability of the Fall! Here in NY it has been absolutely lovely. Wonderful changes in the leaves with nice mid-upper 60 degree (F of course), sunny days. But it could easily be in the 40's and rainy!
    I'll try and pass some of the nice weather up your way!

  6. Hi pale gardener, October has started off pretty badly, although Saturday was gorgeous! But yesterday and today we're back to the rotten weather. I sure hope most of autumn is reasonably nice; winter is much too long, so a few weeks of decent fall weather is a must!