Saturday, October 31, 2009

Do You Know Your Halloween Candy?

It’s Halloween, as you all know, so in a few hours, witches, skeletons, goblins, zombies, vampires, werewolves, ghouls, devils, mummies, ghosts and many other scary beings will be showing up at my front door – and even yours - in search of some treats, particularly cool treats, which according to my 12-year-old daughter, include chocolates (hands down winner for most popular treat amongst kids – adults too), chips (always rank high), cool candies like Skittles, Starburst and Icebreakers (kids absolutely, positively love these, especially the sour-flavoured) and gum (not really as popular as the rest but well-liked). She felt compelled to tell me all this when I took her along with me to shop for Halloween candy because, according to her, I was making bad choices and obviously needed some serious help in understanding “what kids like and don’t like”. I was, it seems, “out of touch with her generation”.

“A box of chocolate bars is a good choice” She said. “A bag of strawberry-flavored Twizzlers isn’t”

“Is that right?” I asked. “Kids don’t like this licorice-type candy?”

“Not really”

So into the shopping cart it went.

“Mo-o-oooom. What are you doing? I told you we don’t really like that”

Oh well.

“I think we should get some; most of the kids I grew up with liked them”, which really meant ‘I love this candy and Halloween is a perfect excuse to pick some up. So if you kids don’t like it, great, that just means more for me!’

“Yeah, that was like a loooong time ago”


So now I have a box of potato chips, and a couple of bowls filled with sour-flavoured candy, licorice-style treats (for me, of course), an assortment of chocolate bars and sugar-laden gum; all highly in demand (cavity-inducing) treats that will make us one of the coolest treat-giving houses in the neighbourhood tonight. With the help of my daughter we are in touch with today’s generation. We’re cool. We're happening. And we’re going to be number one with the kids, which according to my neighbour, will number around 100 or so.

As long as nobody touches my Twizzlers, we’ll all get along just fine.


  1. You can give me Twizzler treats anyday ... yum, yum, yum. I guess I'm out of touch with today's generation too.

  2. I love these too, Crafty Gardener! When I was a kid, we used to love red licorice; I guess this brings back a lot of memories!

  3. Well, I've got to admit---I'm a chocolate girl myself. But I loved that other stuff, too, when I was a kid..."like a loooong time ago." Ha,ha...

    Wow, a hundred trick-or-treaters! We are so far out in the sticks that we don't have a single one. But, of course, I HAVE to buy candy...ummm...just in case.

  4. LOL - my favorite costume this year was a little tyke dressed as a toilet, with the bowl as his candy bag. He was SO cute and it was very creative, if unconventional.

    I'm generally with your daughter - chocolate has the biggest prestige amongst the youngsters, but dang if that's not an excuse to get what you like while you're at it.

  5. Beth, I can certainly understand the 'just in case' part. You HAVE to get some candy 'just in case' some kids stop by. And then, of course, you have no choice but to eat it if none do. Things turn out great either way :)

    Har har har...Tatiana, that is hilarious! I didn't have anything near as original or conventional showing up at my door, but there was one little boy dressed up as a Rubik's cube, which was so funny. I turned to my husband and said "Now there's a kid with parents that grew up in the 80s..."

  6. Can you believe I am getting here now so darn after the fact it is embarrassing ?
    What we had left is long gone .. but it looks like we both had the same thing lined up for treats .. hey, Twizzlers are a bonus to me and I would be picking out all the 'good stuff' before it was all gone : )
    It was a slow, strange, Halloween .. but I swear, next year will be GREAT !!!!!!!!

  7. Wow I bet you were the popular one this Halloween! Look at all those goodies!
    Where I grew up, there weren't a whole lot of kids, so we never got too many trick-or-treaters. But I've noticed just in the last 12-15 years (since I was a kid and went out) there are WAY less kids going trick-or-treating in general, in my neighborhood and around the region. So much so, it's quite odd, actually.
    So I am glad to see our neighbors still enjoy going out!
    I hope your holiday was wonderful!
    Did you dress up too??

  8. Hiya Joy, no problem! You get here when you can; you're always welcome :) There were a lot of kids that were thrilled about the twizzlers, so maybe it's just my daughter and her friends that don't like them. The twizzlers are now long the kids, of course...wink, wink...

    Hiya Pale Gardener! It's really nice to see you drop in. Yup, we were quite popular on Halloween. We didn't get as many kids as I expected, but the turn out was still good. Usually I dress up; this year I didn't. I couldn't seem to find the energy. This year has been so busy with the move and the house that I think I'm running out of steam. But next year? I will definitely dress up then!