Monday, October 5, 2009

Furry Face...’ve got the cutest little furry face...

On a really busy day that hasn’t allowed for enough free time to sit down and write up an interesting, if not useful, post for your blog, you can always count on your ferret’s furry face to fill the void until you can get back on track.

So here are a couple of recent photos of our sweet Bailey:

Isn’t she just the cutest little thing?

..There's not another one could take your place...
...Furry face…


  1. Bailey looks so adorable. You ought to post just on Bailey, his behavior, his stories, his likes and dislikes. That would be interesting.

  2. Baily is just so cute Martha .. she has to be the cutest ferret I know of ? LOL and so what if she is the ONLY ferret I know .. she is still the cutest ! haha
    Post away on as many Baily posts as possible girl!
    Joy : )

  3. Yep, I'm a sucker for a cute little furry face! And Bailey has one of the cutest little furry faces I've seen in a while. :-)

  4. Perfect! I have the same thing on hand - a few photos of sleeping cats for those days where time or inspiration runs shallow. Very cute little face :) By the way, what do they eat?

  5. Hi Mary Delle, sounds like a plan! I won't start up a blog just for Bailey or ferrets in general, but I will - now and then - write something about her - and all ferrets, of course. This will be especially nice to do during the winter months.


    Hiya Joy, she is cute, isn't she? Not because she's ours but because, darn it, she's adorable! I need to take more photos of her, so I can add her more often to my blog. Perhaps this week, I'll get to that.


    Hey there Beth! Thanks, she doesn't only have a cute face, she's also got a wonderful temperament. Not an aggressive bone in her body. She's so sweet.


    Hey Tatiana, aren't pets great for that? I need to take more photos though; I don't have nearly enough to fill in all the voids on my blog.

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