Friday, October 2, 2009

More Flowers Worthy Of Praise

I’ve been singing praises to my marigolds, which they certainly deserve, but they’re not the only ones that have withstood all the outdoor elements, no matter how pleasant or harsh. So they’re certainly not the only ones that are worthy of praise.

In fact, the impatiens and the begonias that have been gracing my front entrance can give the marigolds a run for their money. And while I expected it from the begonias, I didn’t think the impatiens would survive until now; I’ve always assumed that impatiens are much more fragile. Maybe not as much as the petunias but certainly more than the marigolds.

Here are some pictures of two container plants that are still clinging to life:

The past few nights have been really cold, so I’m certainly in awe of anything that is still hanging around my garden. It won’t be much longer, though; the nights keep getting colder and colder, and these hardy plants are going to be headed to the big greenhouse in the sky before you know it.


  1. Okay, still haven't told me what you're feeding these plants to get them to grow like that! What's your secret? Come on, you can tell me...I won't tell a soul. :-)

    P.S. It's not ferret poo, is it? ha, ha...

  2. ferret poo !!! That is IT !!! hahaha
    Hey Martha .. wasn't today amazing ? .. I worked myself into the ground trying to get things a bit more sorted and I swear there is so much more to do .. plus here I am with nothing for you (just one silly gardener with very little energy ??) .. I owe you an e-mail .. I swear I will get one out to you tomorrow ? hang in there girl !!
    Joy : )

  3. Har har har...Beth...that's so funny. And you know, maybe I should consider using ferret poo in my garden. In a way, we already do. Everytime we take Bailey outside, the minute we put her down, she poops. Of course, we scoop it up and get rid of it, but the grass still gets to be a little ferret fertilizer (and it looks great).

    Hey Joy! I spent some time in the garden too today. And I'm still not done either. There is always so much to do. Even the cleaning up is not finished yet, although some of the primary areas are ready for spring planting. Can't wait for that! don't worry about the email; I've fallen behind on that too. But I do need to finish the outdoors, so that's been taking a lot of my time.

  4. Hi, visiting from Blotanical. If those were my begonias and impatiens, I would take them in to stay in a sunny utility room window or someplace like that.

    Too pretty to let freeze, they are.

  5. Hi Nell Jean, you are right, of course; they shouldn't be left to freeze, or be tossed away when the season is really over. But I really don't have a place for them to spend the winter. Sad, but true...