Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Woke Up This Morning... this (the thermostat outside says brrrr…):

And this (the water in the birdbath is frozen):

(Yes, it’s a terrible picture. But it was still kind of dark and I took the photo through my kitchen window because it was freezing outside and I was too cowardly to step outside)

But yet, there’s this?

(music from Psycho movie is heard in the background)

You know, there’s something uncanny about annuals that don’t surrender to the harshness of frost. Kind of twilight zone-ish, in fact. Ever since I read Beth’s humorous (but with a smidgen of truth in it) article about plants (in her case morning glories) bent on world domination, I’ve been watching my own plants very closely, especially the marigolds that refuse to do what is expected of annuals this time of year - like die when frost hits. But noooo.. Instead, they keep growing and growing and growing. And growing.

I suppose I should be grateful for some flowers this time of year, but after reading this on Beth’s site:

“...I found it even more frightening to imagine what might happen if nature took over while humans were still here...”

...well, wouldn’t you be sleeping with one eye open?

(Come to think of it, perhaps I should take a closer look at my houseplants while I’m at it. Lord knows what they've been up to while I've been busy with the move, the garden, the house...)

And let’s not forget the animals. I have a yard full of furry and feathery visitors. I used to think it was the squirrels that were trouble. Then I believed it may be the rabbits. But this morning, as stood in awe of the marigolds, I felt eyes on me:

Sure he’s small and cute, but he may just be the ring leader...

(Incidentally, you should visit Beth’s website if you haven’t already. She’s a great writer and highly entertaining. Well, go already. Go. Why are you still here?)


  1. Wow that is amazing! I think you've got some super-human...err super-plant flowers going on here! We had some nasturtiums that hung right in there until just this week, as well. I don't know what made them so hardy, but it was very nice to see the color out there in the garden in October!
    I hear you on being the scared-y-cat about going outside! I took my winter coat out for 40 degree weather! We need to be able to adjust to this cold a little slower, in my opinion. Mother Nature should take the hint. :)

  2. Awww, gosh...thanks, Martha, for your very kind words about my writing and for the link love. You know I'm a big fan of your writing, too, and your wonderful sense of humor. I really appreciate that you "get" my quirky sense of humor so well---not everyone does, ha,ha....

    And I think you're right to keep a careful eye on Mr. Chipmunk. It's so often the creatures we least suspect that are secretly making their devious plans for world domination. And yeah, you should watch those indoor plants, too. Have you ever found them in a different spot from where you left them the night before? No? Are you quite sure? :-)

  3. And I meant to say---those marigolds are AMAZING. They look completely unscathed by the frost! I'm picturing now how they're going to look in the snow...

  4. Yep, all my plants are gone, what ARE you feeding those marigolds?

    And nature... well, The Day of The Triffids comes to mind... :)

  5. Pale Gardener, my marigolds have grown so massive since I planted them that it’s somewhat shocking. And they refuse to go away :)

    Speaking of winter, I can’t tell you how much I hate it. It’s just too long for me. I’d rather be living near a beach and waking up to warm weather every day.

    Har har har… Beth, that’s just too funny! And you know, I’m not entirely sure whether my plants have moved or not. For all I know, they’re getting together at night and planning to take over the household.

    Oh, I have no problem with your sense of humour! I really do get it, and very much enjoy it.

    I know I should be cleaning up my annuals, and I have removed the rest, but I’m considering leaving the marigolds in the ground until it snows, just to take some cool pictures. We’ll see.

    Tatiana, the thing is I haven’t fed my marigolds anything – ever. So they’re freaking me out a little. Maybe I’ve just forgotten how tough they are; it’s been so long since I gardened outdoors, after all.

    I’ve never read The Day of The Triffids. I should add it to my huge list of books to read and hope that I eventually get to it. You know what that’s like, being an avid reader like me; the list just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I swear there aren’t enough lifetimes to accommodate all the books I’d like to get to. Apparently, this book is also a movie?